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6 Bridal Show Tips to Help You Feel Accomplished, Not Overwhelmed

on Oct 22, 2015 5:00 PM

You’ve heard it before. Bridal shows can be very overwhelming.

There are countless booths and each vendor is giving their best effort to hook you on their product or service.

Leave each show feeling accomplished, not overwhelmed, by following these six tips and tricks we gathered from our friend, wedding planner Debi Lilly, who's planned events for everyone from Oprah, Lady Gaga, and Martha Stewart to the girl next door.

Debi Lilly

Photo courtesy: Anthony Tahlier

  1. Think of the show as a meet and greet - not a final selection of vendors. Maximize time by getting in, quickly scanning options, collecting brochures, getting ideas, and getting out. At home, you can peruse online sites and review details and next steps in depth to narrow down options.

  2. Make a list of the most important wedding needs/vendors you want to meet, to work with for your wedding. If it’s finding a caterer, florist or the perfect wedding gown, focus on talking to these vendors as first priority.

  3. Bring a camera - and ask vendors if you can photograph displays/ideas as you walk the show. Make sure to photograph the vendor name and website as well, for easy follow-up.

  4. Bring your fiancé, or a trusted friend or family member with you. They’ll give you honest and confident second opinions on all the options and ideas you see.

  5. Don't be shy. Ask very specific questions, very specific pricing ballparks, to make sure you are talking to the right vendors for your wedding, your wedding date, and your budget.

  6. Have fun! Think of this as a talent scout mission - with food, drink, live music, and a whole lot of fun making new memories together.

We like the way Debi thinks and know there’s a lot to consider when planning your wedding. We hope you truly do have fun making your day special to the two of you, and memorable in every way.

Have your own helpful bridal show tips? Share your wisdom in the comment box below.

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