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April's Birthstone: Shower yourself with diamonds!

on Apr 5, 2012 3:16 PM

Diamond heartApril showers bring May flowers, but this month also brings another natural beauty we’d be remiss to dismiss. It’s time to celebrate April's birthstone, the diamond, the most desired birthstone of them all.

Over this past year, we’ve covered every month’s birthstone, and the diamond is the icing on top. It’s also the oldest of all gemstones, as well as the hardest substance known to man - made of carbon that is crystallized deep within the earth.

The diamond’s uniqueness has inspired legends. It’s been said that the Greeks saw diamonds as teardrops from the gods. Romans thought diamonds came from the falling stars that tipped the arrow of Eros, the god of love. For Hindus, diamonds were the lightning that armed the hand of the god Indra.

To many of us, diamonds symbolize true love, the start of new beginnings, and life’s special moments. To others, diamonds are simply the perfect accessory for everything from the little black dress to a t-shirt and blue jeans.

What about color diamonds?

Year after year, the allure of natural color diamonds continues to escalade, and are found in every shade imaginable.

Celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Reese Witherspoon have proudly showed off their fancy colored diamond engagement rings.

For more information on colored diamonds, visit the Natural Color Diamond Association.

Do you have an April birthstone? What’s your most treasured piece of diamond jewelry?

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