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Discover the Advantages of Vault Coverage

on Jul 21, 2011 2:07 PM

Safe deposit boxDo you own jewelry that was inherited by a family member and don’t wear often? Have valuable pieces that you only bring out on special occasions?

You’re not alone. Often times, people who have such sentimental or luxury items that get little “show” time will choose to place them in a safe deposit box at the bank.

Certainly, by doing this you’ll decrease the likelihood of risk to your jewelry, but there’s still good reason to insure the items that you have in safe keeping.

Jewelry being kept in a safe deposit box is still open to perils such as loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance.

Worse yet, if one of these unfortunate events would happen, the bank would not be responsible for the jewelry items that have been lost. That means you’d be on the hook for the full cost of replacement or repair.

One solution available to you through Jewelers Mutual is vault coverage.

With vault coverage, our policyholders say they have a greater peace of mind knowing that their jewelry is safe and secure when it’s not in their possession. Plus, it comes with discounts.

For each item that’s kept in a vault, policyholders receive a discount off their total premium. If you own an extremely valuable piece of jewelry that would come with a higher premium, having vault coverage makes protecting it more affordable.

How can you get vault coverage?

Simply supply us with a list of jewelry items that are being kept in a safe deposit box. Also, provide the name and address of the bank where the jewelry is being stored.

If the item isn’t already on your policy, then we’ll require a copy of a recent detailed description of the jewelry. You can send your detailed description by:

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company
24 Jewelers Park Drive
P.O. Box 3601
Neenah, WI 54957-3601

Fax: 920-969-1294

Email: [email protected]

Online: Log into your account then upload your appraisal

What are the rules?

You can take an item out up to eight times for a total of 60 days per year. You must notify Jewelers Mutual in writing the date you are taking an item out of the vault and the date you put it back into the vault. The notification can be sent by mail, fax or e-mail.

Does an in-home safe count?

This is a common question our policyholders ask, and the simple answer is no. “Vault” means a safe deposit box at the bank, not a safe that’s in your home.

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated

Hopefully we helped clear up some of the mystery around vault coverage and you feel more knowledgeable about how this type of protection could work to your advantage in safeguarding your most precious items.

Jewelry insurance shouldn’t be intimidating. We want to keep you as informed as possible so you never have to hesitate about how best to keep your jewelry safe.