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Does Insurance Cover Ring Resizing?

on Apr 20, 2018 9:32 AM
Does Insurance Cover Ring Resizing

A well-fitting ring is a safe ring. Ensuring a proper fit helps safeguard against rings flinging off with your gloves or needing a surprise ring-removal ER trip after an allergic reaction or a long day out in the hot sun.

Deciding to resize your ring is the first step. But who pays for it? You? Your jeweler? Your insurance company? Find out below.

Does Insurance Cover Ring Resizing?

Generally, probably not. You'll have to ask your specific insurance company, but usually, ring resizing is covered under a warranty or a care plan instead.

Many jewelers, however, do offer free ring resizing, at least once.

Don't know what size ring you need? Get an idea with our Printable Ring Sizer.

To determine how to pay for your resizing, ask yourself these questions, in order:

1.  Does my jeweler offer free ring resizing?

2.  Do I have a jeweler's or manufacturer's warranty or care plan that covers resizing?

3.  Does my jewelry insurance happen to cover ring resizing?*

*If your insurance does cover ring resizing, check in the policy or with your agent to clarify if it's an additional service they provide or if it's a covered "peril" you would file a claim for.

If you need to file a claim, is that worth it? What's your deductible compared to the cost of resizing the ring? And even if you don't have a deductible, is it worth it to have claim history on your account for a small, inexpensive repair? Some insurance companies use claim history in their rating and underwriting processes.

Does Jewelers Mutual Cover Ring Resizing?

Jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual does not include reimbursement for ring resizing. For a complete list of what is and is not covered, check out our post: What Does Jewelers Mutual Cover?

Or, learn all there is to know about Jewelers Mutual's jewelry insurance in our free Buyer's Guide.

Jewelry insurance is aimed at helping you recover from accidental loss or damage that occurs to your covered jewelry. Warranties and care plans focus on existing defects in the jewelry and smaller issues and services, like ring resizing. If you want the most comprehensive protection available, it's often beneficial to have both.

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Chuck Stoddard

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Sam Hemmings

Thank you for clearing this up! I was just looking up this question for a customer and I agree while ring resizing isn't typically covered by insurance the costs are usually not even worth claiming.

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