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How to Decorate with Diamonds [DESIGNER INTERVIEW]


Seeing a diamond on your finger is breathtaking.

Seeing a diamond three- or four-feet-tall?


Now we're not talking real diamonds. (Let's be honest. If we were, none of us could afford that.)

We're talking about diamond art. Paintings on canvases, on totes and even on jewelry. Now you can deck yourself and your home out with diamonds.

Let me introduce you to artist Angie Crabtree.

Angie Crabtree, Diamond Painter

Through her art, Angie is paving the way forward in the jewelry industry, helping to re-introduce younger generations to the rare beauty and intricacy of diamonds. 

And it's working. Angie has attracted tens of thousands of Instagram followers, allowing her to share her unique perspective and appreciation for diamonds to the masses.

Enough background. I recently chatted, diamond lover to diamond lover, with Angie. Here's what she had to say:

1. You recently got engaged. Tell me about the proposal and that gorgeous sparkler!

My fiancé proposed to me in my art studio, surrounded by tons of diamond paintings, on November 11. We've been together for just about five years, and already knew we were getting married, so it was just a matter of when.

It really came down to me deciding on a stone and setting, and being that I stare at diamonds all day, it wasn't an easy task! I finally settled on a 1.6 carat EVS long emerald (Thanks, Perpetuum Jewels!) set in a custom Erika Winters Laurel Solitaire setting with a platinum head and gold band. I had it set East-West for more of an untraditional, artsy look.

Angie Crabtree's Engagement Ring

2. Do you have any plans to paint the diamond from your engagement ring?

Absolutely, and I've already started it! This is the only painting I will never sell.

Angie Crabtree's Painting of her Engagement Ring

3. Why diamonds?

It all started with a fascination with nature and luxury, which is what I see faceted diamonds as: nature-made creations refined by highly skilled designers. Once I painted my first diamond, I was hooked. I can't get enough of the beautiful reflections, patterns and symmetry.

4. What is your favorite diamond cut, both to paint and wear?

That's a hard question. I picked an emerald for my ring because step cuts were my first love. Now that I've painted almost every cut (including newly patented cuts), it's really hard to pick just one.

5. What has been your most challenging diamond to paint and why?

The most challenging diamonds have been antique-cut diamonds because they're not as symmetrical as modern-cut diamonds. I have to spend a lot more time finding the perfect balance between keeping the stones uniquely wonky (I love this old-school look!) and also symmetrical.

6. What has been your most fun event to do a live painting for thus far?

I recently had a show at Greenwich St. Jewelers in downtown NYC that exhibited not only my work, but also two amazingly talented designers that I did collaborations with this year.

One was Melissa Spencer from Spencer Fine Jewelry in L.A. (she created and set gemstones of my paintings into beautiful pieces) and Paige Gamble in New York (a luxury purse designer who printed my paintings on Italian-pebbled totes, clutches and bag charms). So fun to see them all together!

Angie Crabtree in Collaboartion with Melissa Spencer and Paige Gamble

7. Do you paint anything else?

I recently started painting timepieces. My most recent one was of the award-winning MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual.

Painting of MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual

8. What's your favorite piece you've painted and why?

I really enjoyed the series I just completed for Forevermark of their Black Label diamonds. They patented new cuts that have a really beautiful snowflake-like design inside of them. It was my first time painting on custom-shaped canvases so it was a new, fun experience!

See the collaboration in action:

Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at the event and a glimpse at the latest diamond trends.

9. The canvases in one of your most popular trios are called Elle, Renae and Samantha. Where did the names come from?

The names for that series were named after some of my very first followers on my Instagram page, way before I had even 10k. I had people enter their own names or names of loved ones, and the winners won prints of the paintings. My most recent pieces have yet to be named, so I need to get on that ASAP!

10. I'm looking for some gift-giving ideas. Do you have any recommendations from your shop?

The Mini diamond canvases ($60) and AC x PG bag charm/key chains ($65). And of course, my satin diamond pillows ($85).

Trio of Diamond Canvases

11. What piece of jewelry is on your wish list?

This spiral bracelet that Melissa Spencer designed using my Elle asscher-cut diamond painting! Wearing it would make my season sparkle because my mind is inside of it.

 Spiral Bracelet with Elle Diamond Painting

Now that you know a bit about Angie, you'll recognize her name as she climbs to stardom within the jewelry industry. Follow her on Instagram (@angie_crabtree) to keep up with her latest designs.

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