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How to Pack Jewelry for Travel [VIDEO]

on Oct 23, 2020 10:52 AM

How to pack jewelry for travel

Packing for a vacation can be stressful. You go back and forth on what to bring, how much to bring, and despite not wearing that top for the last two years, you bring it anyways.

Now add accessories and jewelry to the mix.

Whether you choose to select jewelry for each outfit, or make it simple and bring a capsule jewelry wardrobe, you can save some wasted untangling time and a good dose of annoyance by packing each type of jewelry properly. Watch the videos below to learn how to best pack jewelry for travel.

How to Pack Earrings



Pack your earrings with buttons! All you need are a pair of earrings and a button.

1. Remove the earring backs
2. Insert the earrings through the button holes
3. Secure the earrings with earring backs

And now your earring pairs will always stay together. These steps also work for dangly earrings, too! Make sure to use a travel case for valuable pieces.

How to Pack Necklaces With a Straw


All you need for this trick is a necklace and a straw.

  1. Unclasp the necklace
  2. Carefully string the necklace through the straw
  3. Clasp the necklace

And just like that - tangle-free travel!

How to Pack Your Jewelry With Bubble Wrap

All you need is plastic wrap and your jewelry piece for this trick! Simply place your jewelry inside the bubble wrap and fold the sides up.

We suggest not placing multiple pieces of jewelry inside the same bubble wrap, risking entanglement. 

To avoid loss or theft, make sure you keep the bag that has your jewelry in your sight at all times. When flying, pack jewelry in your carry-on, not your checked bag.

For more tips on traveling with jewelry, be sure to check out our Guide to Traveling with Jewelry

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