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How to Pack Jewelry for Travel [VIDEO]

on Nov 1, 2016 10:52 AM

How to pack jewelry for travel

In my maniacal organized experience, bringing jewelry along when traveling often goes something like this:

1. Pick out outfits for each day and occasion, matching jewelry to each.

2. Lay everything out on the bed and begin packing by outfit.

3. Put each set of jewelry in its own jewelry pouch and pack it next to its corresponding outfit.

4. Arrive at destination and spend 15 minutes untangling necklaces and locating individual earrings that slipped out of their pouch.

What a way to ruin what started off as a well-organized plan!

Whether you choose to select jewelry for each outfit as I do, or make it simple and bring a capsule jewelry wardrobe, you can save some wasted untangling time and a good dose of annoyance by packing each type of jewelry properly.

How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

Watch how we ensure tangle-free necklaces and earrings, and make sure none of it gets damaged in transport:

Learn how to pack jewelry for travel and you're well on your way to preventing damage to your jewelry.

To avoid loss or theft, make sure you keep the bag that has your jewelry in your sight at all times. When flying, pack jewelry in your carry-on, not your checked bag.

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