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How to Shorten a Necklace

Person wearing a diamond pendant necklace

A necklace that hits just right  is a great way to express your personal style, especially when paired with the perfect neckline. Conversely, a necklace that’s too long can clash with your neckline and can even get lost in your decolletage. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to shorten your necklace that doesn’t involve a trip to a jeweler, we’ve found a number of solutions for you to try.

Ahead, find simple yet effective hacks and techniques for shortening a necklace to your desired length.


Double-Wrap Your Necklace

Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds: Try wrapping the necklace around your neck a second time, then secure it by fastening the two ends as usual. The result is a shorter necklace and a perfectly layered look! If your necklace is continuous and doesn’t have a clasp, simply wrap it around your neck, then slide the pendant through the loop on the other side. Whichever wraparound method you try, make sure it’s not too tight!  


Tie a Knot in the Chain  

Another easy way to temporarily shorten the length of your necklace is to tie a knot in the chain. This works well for delicate chains and necklaces with small links. 


Attach A Clasp to a Link Further Down on the Chain

Does your necklace have a lobster claw clasp or a spring ring clasp? Instead of fastening the clasp to the designated clasp ring, clip it to one of the links further down the chain. Keep adjusting until the necklace falls exactly where you want it to.  


Use a Screw Back Earring as a Makeshift Clasp  

Transform a long necklace into a short one using an earring. Pinch the chain behind your neck to create the desired length. Turn the necklace to the front, still holding the pinched area. Take a regular post-earring and slide it through two adjacent chain links from the necklace. Fasten it with an earring back and voila! You’ve got a shorter necklace. 


Use Clear Tape or Other Household Items

The solution to shortening a necklace may be found in the drawers in your house. Look for a piece of tape, a small rubber band, a narrow ribbon, metallic embroidery thread, or a twist tie. Gather the extra inches of your necklace and “fasten” it with your household item.


Buy a Necklace Shortener

Have you ever heard of a necklace shortener? There are different types of necklace shorteners in a variety of shapes and sizes, including: 

  • Double-sided lobster clasp shorteners: these necklace connectors are equipped with two-claw clasps at two ends, suitable to connect chains. Just open the lobster clasps and attach opposing ends of the chain. 
  • Oval shorteners (good option for beaded or pearl necklaces): gather the necklace strands inside the oval shortener at the desired length and fasten the clasp.  
  • Infinity clips (shortens chains up to 2.5mm—about 0.1 in—thick). Pinch the chain necklace together to the length you want it to be, clip, and go!  


When to Consult a Jeweler

If you’re worried about damaging your necklace in the DIY process or find yourself struggling to achieve the exact length you desire, it’s best to have a professional jeweler shorten the necklace for you. Jewelers have the necessary knowledge and equipment to customize your ideal fit while preserving the integrity of the piece.

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