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How to Stack Your Jewelry This Summer

on Jun 30, 2015 3:00 PM

Stacking your jewelry is one of the hottest trends this year. We noticed it as one of the top five trends at JCK Las Vegas, as did National Jeweler.

Alex and Ani, a jewelry and accessories brand, is raging in popularity. They’ve been featured by just about every top fashion magazine already this year. Their signature style? You guessed it: stackable jewelry.

Layering your necklaces, bracelets and rings is an easy - and common - way how to stack your jewelry.

But what about your ankles and toes? Adopt the stackable jewelry trend in a unique way this summer by piling on stacks of toe rings and anklets instead.

Anklet stack

Photo source: via Pinterest

Toe Ring Stacks

Going to the beach this summer? What a perfect opportunity to dress up those toes. Since wearing your fine jewelry to the beach isn’t advisable, snagging some cheap toe jewelry is a great alternative. Get this stack at

Big Braid Stack Sterling

Big Braid Stack Sterling
Photo source:

Anklets on Anklets

The stackable bracelet trend translates so easily to your ankles, it’s effortless.

Throw on all your favorites at once, carefully select coordinating pieces to complement each other, or go for these illusion stacks, which are really just one piece designed to look like multiple.

Tynuska Anklet Gold

Tynuska Anklet Gold
Photo source: Grace Bijoux

Tropicana Anklet

Tropicana Anklet
Photo source: Embella

Stand out from the crowd and show your legs some love this summer by trying this unique twist on a huge accessories trend.

We’d love to see your stackable summer style on Instagram! Share your pics using #StackableSummer.


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