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July's Birthstone: Red-Hot Ruby

on Jul 1, 2023 9:15 AM
Ruby ring on a wood background

At the height of summer, thoughts turn to red, and we're not talking sunburns. July's birthstone is the ruby! Happy July birthday to all of you. What a gem you have!


July's Birthstone: Ruby

Picture of a ruby gemstone

Ruby is the ultimate red gemstone and has been long considered the most valuable. To give you an idea of its magnitude, in the ancient language of Sanskrit, it is known as “king of the gems.”

Rubies represent courage, integrity, confidence and strength.

Just as diamonds have become the gem of romance, ruby is the gem of passion and is also thought to bestow wisdom, health and luck.


Wedding Wonders

Deemed the wedding stone throughout the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, the ruby was supposed to keep passion alive and promote lasting love and contentment in a marriage. If worn on the left hand, it is believed that it will bring good fortune to its wearer.

Rubies are traditionally given as a gift on the 15th and 40th anniversaries.


What Ruby is Right for You?

Three stone ruby ring

Rubies tend to be priced by color. The closer a gem is to vivid red or purplish red, the higher the value. They’re also rare and valuable in large sizes – a quality 4-carat ruby will sell for more than a top 4-carat emerald or diamond. Because rubies are of the hard mineral corundum, they are said to be the most durable gems.


How to Clean Ruby Jewelry

If you can't make it to your jeweler to have your ruby jewelry cleaned, you can clean them at home! You can clean them with a mild dish soap using a new toothbrush.

For more jewelry cleaning and care tips and for more ruby education, refer to the Gem Institute of America (GIA).


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