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Must-Haves Summer Jewelry for You

on Jun 6, 2013 9:02 AM

One of the great things about Jewelers Mutual, besides protecting beautiful jewelry for the past 100 years, is being part of the jewelry industry - where we get an insider look at all the latest jewelry trends.

What’s hot for summer? Here’s what we’ve been hearing from our partners to help you step out in style.


According to Jewelry Information Center, the source for fine jewelry trends, one of the hottest summer jewelry fashions is floral-inspired accessories.

"Jewelry and nature go hand in hand and flowers are synonymous of the season – making floral jewelry a must-have accessory to accent fashion-forward outfits this summer and fall," says Amanda Gizzi, spokesperson for Jewelry Information Center (JIC).

Celebrities are embracing the floral trend as well.

Floral dresses

Floral dresses

Accessorizing tips from JIC:

  • Look for big and bold flowers – rose petals and bright blooms – on earrings, pendants, bangles, charms and cocktail rings. Additionally, floral patterns and art nouveau-inspired jewelry stay on trend while remaining classic with a sense of vintage nostalgia.

  • Wear gemstone jewelry with literal flower designs or go abstract with earrings and rings that feature multi-colored clusters of gemstones or diamonds.

  • Choose jewelry that uses flowers as abstract inspiration for a more modern take on floral, such as sterling silver, platinum and gold pieces with modern, solid floral shapes or repetitive abstract patterns.

Floral ring

Floral charms

Floral earrings

(Photo source:

Butterflies and insects

Butterflies (below, by Oscar Heyman) and other insects have been an inspiration for adornment since ancient times. Fashion-forward jewelry-lovers are coveting the insects once again.

Butterfly pin

Great Gatsby

The new screen adaptation of “The Great Gastby” that hit theaters in May is influencing fashion and jewelry in exciting new ways.

Tiffany recently introduced two lines of jewelry by the film’s costume and jewelry designer, Catherine Martin, to honor a story and an era defined by fashion, jewelry and unbridled wealth. Its Great Gatsby Collection features high-end replicas of 30 pieces seen in the film, all designed by Ms. Martin and traveled to various Tiffany locations as the film made its debut last month. Its more modestly priced Ziegfeld line, a 14-piece collection also inspired by jewelry in the film, is available at all Tiffany outlets.

You may not wear the headpiece (shown below) to the beach, but it’s too stunning not to mention. Tiffany designers crafted this magnificent headpiece in platinum for “The Great Gatsby,” retail valued at $200,000. It features a detachable brooch, freshwater cultured pearls, 3.6-6.9 mm and round brilliant diamonds, carat total weight 25.04.

Tiffany headpiece

The look is also making its way down the aisle as brides and grooms choose Gatsby-themed weddings. We fell in love with this wedding shoot posted on

Gatsby-themed wedding

So there you have it!

From floral to flutter and Art Deco design, there are plenty of fun ways to accessorize your summer wardrobe and stay on trend this season.

Learn how to keep those special pieces protected from loss, theft and damage, and safe while traveling to your summer vacation destination.

What’s your favorite go-to piece of jewelry for summer? Share a comment below.


I love the floral designs and how cute is the insect jewelry!
My whole life revolves around jewelry and jewelry design.
I recently wrote a blog that talks about how personalized products (including jewelry and clothing) are some of the fastest growing trends. While styles will always change this is a great option since the can basically choose designs that they personally love and then make them specific to themselves.
The article is called “That special feeling, personalized gifts are a growing trend” and can be found here.…
I love your site and will definitely be back often to see what’s new.

Rickie Arms

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Thanks for reading and for the kind words, Rickie!

Chelsea Drusch

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