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Pearls: The long and short of staying on trend

on Jun 19, 2014 9:48 AM

Pearls with a little black dress

If you want to stay on-trend this summer, grab the pearls!

And we're not talking Grandma's.

If you have heirloom jewelry or items handed down that sit untouched in your jewelry box, we recommend visiting your local jeweler to update those pieces to fit your personal style.

We have some suggestions to turn up the wow-factor on your pearl jewelry.

Go beyond white

Keep your basic whites, but think about introducing some color into your collection. With pearls’ natural luminosity and softness, any color looks great. Think pink, grey, black, gold and chocolate.

Colored Pearls

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Be casual

Yes, you can pair them with jeans, just as well as with the LBD.

Pearls and jeans

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Work the single-strand

A long strand can provide numerous options for versatile styles.

Single strand pearls

Layering is on trend. Wrap the necklace several times for a multi-strand look, or even wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet.

You can also tie the strand in a knot and let the strand hang long. Or flip the necklace around and wear it down the back with an elegant, open-back dress, as seen on the red carpet.

Open back with pearls

How to rock the pearls you wear

Take advice from Jewelry Information Center on which length of pearls work best based on your outfit.

How to wear pearls

Celebrating a June birthday?

The pearl is one of this month’s birthstones. Read more about the history and folklore around the pearl.

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