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Protecting Your Home (and what’s in it)

on Sep 14, 2011 1:30 PM

VaultPlanning a wedding, preparing for a marriage and combining your life with someone else’s can be hard work, but it’s not over yet.

Let's talk protecting your home. Your engagement and wedding rings symbolize your never-ending love. These useful tips can help keep your jewelry, and your family, safe.

  • Jewelry boxes and dresser drawers, as well as almost any other spot in bedrooms, are often the first places a thief will look for your valuables. Consider storing seldom worn jewelry in a bank safe-deposit box.

    For more frequently worn jewelry, choose a hiding place that is inconspicuous, yet convenient for you. One option is an immobile home safe. If the safe weighs less than 500 pounds, be sure to bolt it to the floor.

  • Install good locks on your doors and windows and establish family procedures for locking them. For exterior doors, install UL-listed locks with one-inch throw bolts. When practical, keep your doors locked at all times, and always when you leave.

  • If you have children who need quick entry, consider having them use a back door or a door that is routinely monitored.

  • Make your house look lived in. Keep the lawn groomed and pick up your mail and newspapers daily.