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Ring Cam: Relive Your Marriage Proposal Through Your Eyes

on Jan 7, 2016 8:59 AM

The moment of a marriage proposal is a blur, whether or not you are the one down on a knee or you are the one with a ring placed on your finger. No matter how much you want the moment to last forever, it goes by all too quickly.

Sure, having friends snap pictures and videos on their smartphones or hiring a photographer are great ways to document your moment forever. But what if you want to relive your emotions from the “ring’s-eye-view”?

Behold Ring Cam.

Ring Cam

Photo courtesy: Ring Cam

Ring Cam is an engagement ring box with a built-in camera and microphone you can rent for your marriage proposal. Whether you’re planning an elaborate proposal or you’re keeping it simple, you’ll be able to relive the excitement, gasps, and shrieks from your big question like never before.

How It Works

Ring Cam is easy-to-use and takes little time to prep and put in action:

  • Charge Up: Plug the ring box into a computer via USB port for 2 hours to fully charge. You don’t want to run out of battery mid-proposal!
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Shoot several practice videos in advance, making sure you’re pointing the ring box camera at where your love’s face would be. You don’t want to get a “sky” shot of your proposal. Make sure your proposal location will have enough light to capture the reaction.
  • Start Recording: When you’re ready to pop the question, push the button on the ring box to start recording from the mini-camera built into the top front edge.
  • The BIG Moment: Get down on one knee and open the ring box to reveal your sparkly engagement ring. The ring box camera captures your love’s reaction from the ring’s point-of-view.
  • Time to Celebrate! Ring Cam can record up to 90 minutes, leaving plenty of time for post-engagement reaction, selfies, and ring close-ups.
  • Watch & Share: When done, plug the ring box into your computer via USB to view and upload your videos. Trim or edit as you see fit, and share your video with family and friends.
  • Return It: Send back the ring box and USB cord in the pre-paid return envelope and you get to keep the commemorative tin it came in.

Ring Cam and commemorative tin

Ring Cam comes in a commemorative tin for yours to keep.

It’s that simple. You can have a Ring Cam delivered to your home or, if available, you can pick one up from a jeweler near you.

Ring Cam reaction

Photo courtesy: Ring Cam

Want a more polished finished product? Pick the Proposal Package and the folks at Ring Cam will professionally edit your video to fit your style. You can also select the Photography Package, which includes a professional Paparazzi Proposal photographer to take photos from a different perspective. 

Share Your Experience!

If you’ve used either Ring Cam or Paparazzi Proposal, tell us how you liked it in the comment box below.