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Safety Tips for Wearing Jewelry in Public

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Whether it's an engagement ring, diamond necklace or a family heirloom passed down for generations, having a cherished piece of jewelry stolen is something you never want to think about – In fact, personal jewelry theft is on the rise in certain parts of the country, and many of these robberies are happening in broad daylight.  

The good news is, you can still enjoy wearing your jewelry and reduce worry by following safety precautions that can help you be more prepared and a less likely target. We’ve gathered several safety tips below.


Be street smart 

Be aware of your surroundings. Take note of where you are and who’s around. Watch for anything unusual before exiting your car, walking out of a restaurant, store, mall or club. 

Show confidence and remain alert. Walk at a steady pace and keep your head up instead of looking down at your phone or listening to music. Thieves often target victims who appear vulnerable and distracted. Send the message that you are calm and confident. Make eye contact.

Trust your instincts. If someone makes you uneasy, avoid the person or leave. If you suspect you are being followed, head towards an area where there are many people or go into an open store or other public establishment. Don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1 if you feel threatened.  

Think ahead about what to wear. Plan what jewelry to wear based on where you will be. If in overly crowded, unknown, or potentially dangerous areas, you may want to leave more expensive pieces safely at home. Or take extra care by turning your ring so only the band shows or slipping a pendant inside your shirt. 

Walk with a friend. There’s always safety in numbers. Whenever possible, try to travel with others, especially at night and stay in well-lit and open areas. 


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Keep your vehicle secure 

Don’t leave jewelry unattended in your vehicle. It’s best to wear your jewelry and keep in your care, custody and control and if not worn, placed in a safe, vault or secure hiding space within your residence.

Park smart. If possible, park in a secure lot. If you must park on the street, pick a well-lit spot in a highly trafficked area. 

Avoid isolated parking lots and multi-level garages. Dark parking structures can be a prime location for robberies. Park as close to the building as you can – it’s typically the most populated and well-lit area. Always make a note where you parked so you don’t spend unnecessary time walking around. 

If you have Google Maps on your smart phone, you can "drop a pin" simply by opening the app and holding your finger down on where you park. Save that location and you can use GPS to get back to your car without getting lost.

Always have your keys ready to open your car door. Don’t waste time looking for them and give robbers an opportunity to attack you while you’re distracted. 

Inspect your vehicle. Before you enter your car, check the floorboards and back seat for anyone hiding inside. Lock your doors as soon as you get inside and leave swiftly. 

Drive to a safe place if followed: If you think you are being followed, do not go home. Go to a safe place such as a police station, fire station, business or other populated area.

Invest in a car alarm. Consider an audible alarm system or visible anti-theft device you can install in your car.


Remain vigilant on public transportation 

Plan your trip. Know the exact times, locations, and the amount of money you need to take with you to pay for the transportation.

Have the exact amount of money for your fare. You don’t want to be fumbling through your purse looking for the exact change. 

Avoid sitting right next to the door. Thieves tend to target passengers sitting near the door because it’s easy to escape without getting caught. Sit near the driver or operator if you can.

Do not fall asleep. This leaves you in a vulnerable position and an easy target. 

Be aware of noisy passengers arguing or causing a commotion. This could be a staged diversion to distract you while others try to steal your valuables.


Get jewelry insurance 

Jewelry insurance covers you against losses if your jewelry is ever stolen. Jewelers Mutual provides replacement coverage which means we’ll work with the jeweler of your choice to replace it with a piece that’s of the same kind and quality as the original, as good as new.

Our online claims process is quick and easy. We typically need a few documents, including a receipt or appraisal, copy of the police report, and a short statement of what happened. Then we’ll quickly get to work on getting you a replacement. 

We want personal jewelry owners to enjoy the freedom of wearing their favorite pieces whenever and wherever they want, worry-free. To check your rate, click below (it’s more affordable than you think).

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