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Stuck on What Wedding Jewelry to Wear?

on Mar 24, 2011 3:08 PM

Princess Diana and Prince CharlesWhat a bride wears on her wedding day has been a tradition for many years.

We fret for months about the perfect white dress. We try on countless pairs of shoes. We search high and low for the perfect accessories that make us feel like a princess on our special day.

You may have a vision about one thing you would wear on your wedding day – pearls. The only problem is that you don't own a pearl necklace and it's an item you'd rather not borrow if you can have a strand of your very own.

You can start by dropping the subtle, understated hints to your fiancé. But if you just can't wait, don't feel guilty about purchasing the pearls yourself.

An idea from other brides: purchase two strands, one that you can make into a necklace and another that you can make into a double-stranded bracelet.

What wedding jewelry are you wearing? Are you borrowing something or wearing something new? Is there a special occasion to which you plan to wear some fancy bling? Tell us!

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