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3 Things Luxury Watch Retailers Should Ask Their Alarm System Provider

on Sep 21, 2016 4:31 PM

With the current trend of criminals targeting luxury watches, retail jewelers need to have security at the top of their minds 24/7.

Smash-and-grab and armed robberies have increased in frequency and severity during the day — and some burglaries have resulted in devastating losses overnight.

Having a security guard and using showcases that can withstand an attack are important for discouraging quick-hitting robbery attempts, but what if criminals had an extended length of time in your store with no guard present?

Ask your alarm system provider these questions

While safes and vaults are critical to limiting the amount of merchandise stolen in burglaries, criminals have proven time and again that, if given enough time, they have the ability to compromise the most durable of security equipment. That's why your alarm — and your relationship with your alarm system provider — is so valuable.

Contact your alarm system provider and ask them if you currently have these services to ensure that your alarm is providing your business the protection it needs:

Is my alarm UL Certified?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) issues certificates for alarm systems that meet their requirements for equipment, installation, operation, and maintenance. UL holds high standards for certified systems, so luxury watch retailers using these alarms can be confident that the critical elements of the systems and service support their business's security needs.

Do I have line security?

This is an essential layer of security that ensures the integrity of the communication path between your protected premises and your alarm service provider.

If burglars attempt to compromise your alarm, that in itself will trigger an alarm condition signal.

However, just because you have a UL certified alarm doesn't necessarily mean that you have line security. Discuss this in detail to ensure you're getting the service your business needs.

Are my openings and closings monitored or supervised?

Monitored openings and closings is a service that tracks and records times and alarm codes when the system is deactivated and activated. This  is useful for keeping track of who accessed your alarm and when.

A supervised opening or closing is when you specify timeframes to your alarm service provider and they act on any irregular alarm functions that occur during those periods.


Remember, these are things that your alarm system provider can help you incorporate into your security plan, but it is ultimately up to you to respond to and investigate every signal. 

If you need help re-evaluating your security plan to include alarm response procedures, contact one of our Loss Prevention Specialists or work with your trusted agent.