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5 Tips to Recognize Warning Signs of Casing

on Feb 26, 2014 9:27 AM

After a criminal claim is filed, Jewelers Mutual has found that many policyholders had a feeling something wasn’t right. Maybe there was an unusual car parked across the street or they received an odd phone call.

What they experienced was casing, which is when a criminal stakes out a business for points of vulnerability.

Here are five tips to help you identify the warning signs of casing that could be a prelude to a crime:

5 Tips to Recognize Warning Signs of Casing

  • Curious customers — A new customer asks you, “So how many people get stuck working this late on a Saturday?” Be discreet if customers are nosey about how you operate your business.
  • Fidgeting — It’s true they asked to look at engagement rings, but they shouldn’t be that fidgety. Be especially cautious if they avoid eye contact.
  • Fixture shopping — Does your customer seem more fixated on the fixtures than on the beautiful necklace you are showing her? Beware if she appears to be more interested in the cases, displays, or doorways.
  • Interested in everything — You greet your customer and ask what he or she is interested in seeing today. “I’m not really sure.” Vagueness could be a clue they’re interested in stealing everything you have in stock.
  • Avoiding attention — Generally speaking, customers love attention. Criminals hate it. Introduce yourself, make eye contact and ask their names. If they hesitate, make a mental note and write down a description of their appearance and the vehicle they drive.

Trust Your Instincts

If you sense your store is being cased, trust your instincts. Call the police or mall security and ask them to visit your store as soon as possible. It’s not an emergency yet, but keep in mind that police visibility can deter a crime.

Remember, the best protection starts with prevention!