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Burglar Alarm Systems for Jewelers: Understanding Line Supervision and Security


Burglar Alarm Systems for Jewelers: Understanding Line Supervision and Security

Peace of mind may be hard to come by when your business is closed for the night.

That’s where burglar alarms for jewelry businesses come into play — but not all are created equal.

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), an authority in the security industry, certifies alarms and may apply two terms related to how they function.

In these systems, the terms line supervision and line security may often be confused with one another.

Here’s what they mean and why they are important for jewelers to have:

Line Supervision

This is a capability of alarm systems that provides a two-way communication exchange between a protected business and an alarm monitoring center, sometimes referred to as the “check-in”.

How often the check-ins at the business occur depends on what is being protected. For instance, a jewelry operation closed for the night may require a check-in once every 200 seconds.

Line Security

When added to a burglar alarm system, this provides extra assurance that advertent and inadvertent attempts to compromise the alarm communication channel between a protected property and its monitoring station won’t go undetected.

Having a reliable burglar alarm system for your jewelry business means that line supervision and line security must be an operational component for complete protection.

Want to learn more?

Take an in-depth look at line supervision and security by reading UL’s latest burglar alarm system article.

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