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How to Improve Your Jewelry Store Security for Free

on Apr 13, 2017 10:22 AM

Showing jewelry to customers

The rise in frequency and severity of violent crimes affecting the jewelry industry has resulted in the need for better physical and electronic security.

Especially with the increased targeting of luxury watches and diamond jewelry, the inadequacy of plate glass showcases, TL-30 safes, and alarms without line security aren’t going to protect high-value inventory in the event of an attack.

While costly, upgrading this equipment is as necessary as having the right insurance coverage.

However, simply installing state-of-the-art equipment won’t make your business immune to crime. Risk will always be present and minimizing it further doesn’t mean more dollars need to be spent.

Displaying signs that communicate basic procedures your business follows and a general notion of security equipment on-site can go a long ways in discouraging criminal activity. Their presence can also remind your associates to consistently follow procedures and it doesn’t hurt to let legitimate customers know that you’re being proactive in keeping your store safe, either.

The best part about this “equipment": it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Showcase displays

Make it well known that your staff must follow a set of procedures when showing items by using displays that sit inside your showcases.

Two examples of effective displays clearly state that:

Acrylic displays in showcase

Both of these signs set expectations for customers and serve as good reminders for employees. Most importantly, it raises a red flag for would-be thieves, as they may think about casing an easier target that doesn’t follow these procedures.

Door signs

Having great physical and electronic security in and of itself isn’t necessarily a deterrent for robbers or burglars.  After all, your surveillance equipment and safe can't be observed like how your staff behaves.

However, placing a sign in your door or window that communicates the presence of certain security features and procedures on your premises can make criminals re-think their plans.

Security sign - NOTICE! We take security seriously.

For retail jewelers, a sign like this can also be comforting to your customers. They'll have peace of mind knowing that you strive to make a safe environment a priority, which is especially important in this day-and-age, where high-profile locations like shopping malls are frequently crime targets.


It's important to note that supplementary materials won't substitute for your regular physical and electronic security, but they can add an extra layer of protection.

Yes, security equipment requires a large initial investment, but rightfully so. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and a proper showcase or safe could be the difference between minor damage to business property or a devastating impact to both property and inventory.

Thankfully, if you insure your business with Jewelers Mutual, you have a headstart in improving your jewelry store security at no cost to you with supplementary materials like the signs and displays shown above!

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