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How to Sell Jewelry with Security


Salesperson learning how to sell jewelry securely

Do you know a great salesperson that knows next to nothing about jewelry?

Even they don't know how to sell jewelry per se, chances are they could outsell a gemologist or bench jeweler turned salesperson. Those professionals have plenty of knowledge, but it doesn't matter if they don't have a personality to match.

The ideal salesperson for a jewelry business needs to have more than just charm and intelligence, though — they also need to be able to sell with security.

100 huge sales could be wiped away if the simple act of forgetting to lock a showcase display is neglected or other jewelry store security features are forgotten.

Whether you have a seasoned crew or are looking for some additional help, make sure they follow these tips to help them sell jewelry securely in a retail environment:

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Resources to help you sell jewelry securely

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