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How to Stay Secure During Civil Unrest: Advice for Jewelers


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When tensions flare due to civil unrest, jewelers need to prioritize their physical security. By acting now to limit losses, you can return to business as quickly as possible.


A Quick Note About Insurance Coverage

If your business experiences damage due to recent events, know that policies from Jewelers Mutual Group cover losses related to vandalism, rioting and looting.

A businessowners (BOP) policy covers damage to property (such as windows and showcases) and a jewelers block or standard policy covers inventory.

Please discuss specific coverage details contained within your policy contract with your agent.  


Security Advice

Above all, the safety of your life and the lives of your associates and families is most important!

If there are active riots or protests near your business, stay home and do not attempt to initiate any additional measures of protection until the authorities have indicated that it is safe to return.

We recommend the following:

  • Put as much inventory as possible inside a safe or vault.
  • Any inventory that can’t fit inside a safe or vault should be moved to an interior room — even a locked drawer is better than a showcase.
  • Under no circumstance should you take inventory home with you. Please review the offering we created with Malca-Amit to move inventory to a secure facility at the onset of COVID-19.
  • Do not cover showcases — this action signals that something valuable is being hidden and gives criminals more incentive to break in.
  • Contact a contractor of your choice to board up your shop, but you may also do it yourself when it is safe for you to be at your premises.


Addressing Damages

  • Don’t replace window or showcase glass until after authorities control the situation and it is safe to return; keep any damaged openings boarded until things settle down.
  • Take clear pictures and video immediately upon returning.
  • Do an inventory and document what has been stolen or damaged.
  • We understand that most police departments aren’t doing damage reports in the immediate aftermath, but you can still initiate a claim once everything has been documented.



The best way to initiate a claim is to contact your agent so they can submit a first notice of loss on your behalf. 

You may also email [email protected] for general questions and inquiries. However, please note volume is currently very high and response times will be much slower than normal.

We ask that phone calls to our Claims Department be limited to emergency calls only so that our Claim Examiners can continue to swiftly and efficiently process all active claims in an effort to get businesses re-opened as soon as possible.


Commitment to You

If you are having difficulty coping amidst these stressful times, we encourage you to take advantage of our RELI(E)VE program. As a commercial insurance policyholder, you and your associates can connect with a professional counselor at no cost you.

Call 855-558-1055 to confirm your policy details and get started with this exclusive offering.


Editors Note: This post was originally published on June 1, 2020 and was updated on June 2, 2020 to include generic details on insurance coverage.