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18 Jewelry Store Security Tips


Jewelry Store Security Tips

No matter what time of the year it is, the risk for jewelry store crime is always high. That’s why we suggest spending some time to make sure your store security is up to par.

Neglecting security measures could leave your business exposed during a time when crimes against jewelers tend to escalate. Plus, not getting in the habit of security best practices will only get more difficult to change as the year progresses.

Reference these 18 tips for a quick health check on your overall jewelry store security.

Jewelry Store Security Tips

1) Prevent grab-and-run thefts by showing only one item at a time

2) Document suspicious incidents in a logbook

3) Share suspicious incidents with your staff, crime prevention network, and local law enforcement

4) Open and close your business with two or more people

5) Keep your doors locked before opening and after closing

6) Meet and greet every customer that enters your jewelry store

7) Use a code word or phrase to alert your staff of something suspicious

8) Hire off-duty, uniformed police officers as security guards during busy seasons or during special events

9) Spread high value merchandise across your showroom

10) Make sure your showcases displaying valuable merchandise are strong enough to withstand a smash-and-grab robbery

11) Verify every alarm signal with your alarm monitoring facility

12) Review your surveillance footage frequently to identify any suspicious activity that may have been missed during the course of the day

13) Keep as much merchandise as possible in your safe or vault overnight

14) Require multiple forms of ID to prevent credit card fraud

15) Don't post photos that reveal the layout of your store or merchandise displays anywhere online

16) Encrypt your router to prevent your internet connection from cyber crime

17) Frequently review jewelry industry crimes that are reported to the Jewelers' Security Alliance

18) Keep your entire staff up-to-date on all things security by having them enroll in the Jeweler Safety & Security Academy

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