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Safes for Jewelers: What to Consider Before Buying

on Jun 23, 2021 3:00 PM
Safes for jewelers

Buying a jewelry safe isn't an everyday venture for business owners. That makes your purchase decision all the more important.

Even if you're not in the market for a new safe now, chances are you will be sometime in the near future because of increasing inventory values, capacity issues as the result of changing locations, or maybe because you feel that your exposure to burglary has increased and you want more protection.

Based on these situations, safes for jewelers often come with specific buying criteria. Consider these factors and consult with an agent before you make a decision.

Factors When Buying a Safe

Increasing inventory levels

  • What is your current inventory level and what is it valued at?
  • What values do you foresee your inventory rising to in 3-5 years?
  • Will the safe protect the amount of peak inventory values you carry during the holidays?
  • What type of inventory do you carry?
  • What is the cubic storage capacity of the safe?
  • Is the inside constructed with adjustable and removable shelving?

Desired level of protection

  • What is the safe's UL rating?
  • How thick is the body of the safe?
  • How many sides have "Safe Complete" alarm protection?
  • Are the locks on the safe also UL-listed?
  • Does your insurance policy require a percent in-safe or amount left out-of-safe overnight?

The layout of your business

  • What are the outside dimensions of the safe?
  • Where will the safe be located and how will it be positioned?
  • Are there common walls that could expose sides of the safe?
  • Is your rooftop secured?
  • How much does the safe weigh?
  • How will the safe be delivered and who will set it up?

Because buying a safe isn't a regular purchase jewelry businesses make, it's important to consider your entire security plan. Upgrading your physical or electronic security will usually present a sizable investment and there might be other areas of your security that need more attention than your safe.

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