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Security Guards for Jewelry Stores: A Must During the Holidays

on Dec 8, 2015 8:30 AM

An increase in customer traffic during the holidays is a beautiful thing. Imagine for a second that we’re no longer in the digital age – you can practically hear the ‘cha-ching’ of old-school cash registers.

But as a savvy veteran of the jewelry industry, do the larger crowds also make you nervous?

Security Guards for Jewelry Stores: A Must During the Holidays

After all, you can never know for sure if a shopper is a legitimate customer or if some are actually criminals in disguise who are casing your business.

During slower times of the year, you and your staff can easily hone in on suspicious incidents, but servicing a steady flow of holiday customers is probably at the top of your mind.

Our advice during this busy time of the year is to consider hiring a security guard for your jewelry store. Here’s some guidance when doing so:

  • Whenever possible, contract with a uniformed, armed, off-duty police officer
  • If working through a service when hiring a security guard, make sure to check references and confirm that the guard service carries appropriate insurance coverage and the necessary permits
  • Attempt to secure someone who is familiar with the jewelry industry and with your location
  • Before meeting with your hired help, give them a layout of your store and share important procedures that your staff is also instructed to follow
  • Give them a tour before they start and let them get familiarized with your business and your employees
  • Keep your high-value jewelry safe by discussing which areas of your business could attract the most attention from criminals and be open to suggestions from the security guard
  • The guard should be present before your business opens and remain through closing, as these are the most vulnerable times for you and your staff
  • If you are hosting an event where a guest jeweler is present and traveling with their line, consider having your guard present before and after the event as well – securing their arrival and ensuring their departure is also safe