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Jeweler Safety and 
Security Academy

Online training to help you run a
safe and secure jewelry business.

Training Overview

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You rely on your team to make the best decisions for your customers and your business. Perhaps nowhere is this more important than when it comes to loss prevention and risk management. 

That’s why we’ve developed the Jeweler Safety and Security Academy, a FREE comprehensive set of training courses to arm you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to keep your staff safe and your business secure. 


Learn how to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of criminal targeting
  • Decrease losses due to crime
  • Travel safely with inventory
  • Stay safe during and after a criminal incident
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Account Options

  • Individual: best for a single user registering for their own training in preparation for a position or for professional development and security education. 
  • Business: best for small to medium businesses who assign annual or topic-based staff training on a semi-frequent to regular basis. The account administrator can assign and report training on multiple employee accounts.
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Course Topics

Select from 200 minutes (about 3.5 hours) of content that you can tailor to your team and business needs. Each of the 18 modules average 15 minutes in length. 

  • Burglary and Theft 
  • Travel
  • Disasters and Emergencies 
  • Securing Digital Access
  • Identifying Cyber Deception Tactics
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Customizable Coursework

  • You choose the training modules you and your staff would like to take based on specific needs. Use with new employee onboarding, monthly group training sessions, biannual staff refresher, or whenever there is a need.
  • Learn at your own pace. Modules can be paused and restarted for a flexible learning experience. 

How it Works

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Number 1

Visit the Jeweler Safety and Security Training Platform to begin registration.

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Create an account. Choose "individual" if only needed for yourself. Choose "business" if needed for multiple staff at your business.

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Keep your username and password in a safe place - so you can access your account in the future.

Our Partners

Jewelers’ Security Alliance (JSA)

Since 1883, JSA has provided crime information and assistance to the jewelry industry and law enforcement. The course content comes from the JSA Manual of Jewelry Security.


UL Solutions

For more than 128 years, Underwriters Laboratories has been a leader in safety science for home and work, enabling the enhancement of human experience. 

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How do I know what courses to take?

Coursework can be customized based on the needs of your staff and your business. There are currently three learning tracks to choose from.

Can I share these courses with my staff?

Yes, instructions can be found in the “Getting Started” document.

How much does it cost?

The safety and security training courses are a FREE resource for you and your team! Simply create an account to get started. 

Can I see which of my staff has taken courses?

Yes, be sure to create a business account when signing up. You can assign courses and have reporting available to see which courses have been successfully completed and by which staff member. For detailed instructions, check out the “Getting Started” document.

If I have multiple locations, can we all use the same account?

Yes, all locations can use the same business account.