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Developing a robust safety and security plan for your jewelry business doesn’t have to be complicated. 


P.I.E.C.E. Together Your Plan

P.I.E.C.E. (Perimeter, Interior, Electronic Security, Container, and Education and Training) is an easy way to remember the critical elements of any safety and security plan.

P highlighted in the piece graphic circle


  • Control and manage who enters/exits with lock door buzzer 

  • Installation of exterior cameras that monitor sidewalk/street level of entry 

  • Reinforced exterior glass and glazing 

  • Require removal of any identity-obscuring clothing items –
    especially those that cover the face (ball caps, masks, sun-glasses) 

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  • Display high-value merchandise away from entrances and exits – ideally placing it further back in your store to prevent quick and easy access 

  • Disperse high value merchandise throughout the store in different show cases where possible 

  • Never cover showcases when closed to business – this signals there are items of value underneath and not put away 

  • Create a guest seating or viewing area for high value merchandise separate from the rest of your store displays 

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  • Maintain two forms of alarm transmission – internet (primary) and adaptive cellular (secondary) is preferred to ensure line security

  • Motion detection (4-step), door/window contacts, glass breakage 

  • Sensors — Water and temperature, shock and vibration and GPS tracking 

  • Cameras mounted at eye level with 360 views, remote monitoring and verified video response are preferred


Learn more about Recommended Electronic Security Components.

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Learn more about line security.

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  • TRTL30x6 Safes and Class 1 vaults are preferred 

  • Locate safes away from shared or common walls

  • Minimum 7mil glazing on showcases


Learn more about Safes on Common Walls.

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Education & Training Resources

Safety and Security Academy

FREE comprehensive set of training courses to arm you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to keep your staff safe and your business secure. 



Complimentary Store Security Materials

Order acrylic showcase displays, door and window clings, and power box stickers for FREE.



Downloadable Resources

Download helpful resources including guides, checklists, and social graphics for robbery prevention, inventory record keeping, and more. Watch expert videos on security best processes both in-store and in transit.



Clarity Blog

The Clarity Blog offers the latest security information, tips, tools and techniques to help you run a more protected and successful business. Check back often for the newest posts and stay in the know with the latest in loss prevention.

Crime Prevention Memberships

Exclusive free membership to Jewelers’ Security Alliance and Jewellers Vigilance Canada - two leading jewelry crime prevention organizations.

Security Directory

Discover guidance and resources for alarms, safes, cameras, and other security solutions in our extensive security directory to meet the unique needs of your jewelry business.



A Jeweler's Guide to 24/7 Security

From opening and closing procedures to recognizing suspicious activity, this thorough and comprehensive guide will help you enhance your business security at every step.



Store Security Policyholder Benefits

As a Jewelers Mutual® policyholder, you receive complimentary and low-cost store security and staff support solutions.  

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Person listening to another person

Relieve Counseling Benefit

Jewelers Mutual supports customers and the jewelry industry with complimentary counseling from TELUS® Health to aid in the healing process during moments of vulnerability.




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Man watching security footage of store

FREE Security Strategy Consultation

Know your security vulnerabilities. Take advantage of a free consultation and field inspection.



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Smashed showcase

Showcase and Window Glass Hardening

Protect your showcases and window glass against intruders and disasters. Get a free glazing security assessment and potential discounted pricing on products and services.



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Boarded up jewelry store

Board-Up Services

Jewelers Mutual covers 50% of costs associated with emergency board-up services up to a maximum of $1000 per event. This policyholder benefit is available for Jewelers Mutual commercial policyholders and is contingent upon pre-approval from our Risk Services team. 


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HSB monitor

FREE Water/
Temperature Sensor Monitoring

Complimentary for commercial lines policyholders. Get 24/7 monitoring for water intrusion and power outages from Hartford Steam Boiler. 




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Transportation van

Off-Site Storage and Transportation 

Your policy includes secure transportation through Malca-Amit services. If available in your area, we cover transportation costs on your behalf. Subsidized cost available for commercial lines policyholders. 





Reducing Jewelry Crime Takes All of Us

Our commitment is to the safety and security of the jewelry industry. We encourage all jewelers to take collective action against crime and rethink your safety strategy. Increasing safety and security builds confidence with your customers to shop for jewelry without worry – further fueling the economy – as we continue to support, protect and grow jewelry businesses for the future. 

Get Actionable Advice from Experienced Industry Security Experts

In this five-part video series, jewelry security experts and a veteran retail jeweler share their lived experiences, advice, and actionable solutions to help jewelers better secure the safety of their businesses, staff, and customers amid rising crime. 




What Jewelers Are Saying

"Someone smashed through our front door with a sledgehammer at 3:00 a.m. and ran in, only to discover that there was nothing in the showcase. And you actually see them on camera shrugging their shoulders going, there’s nothing here, and that’s because of the education that we get from Jewelers Mutual."


John Henne, Henne Jewelers

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