Malca-Amit Storage and Transportation

Secure transportation is included in your policy

If you need help moving your merchandise to or from a bank vault or storage facility, transportation by Malca-Amit, if available in your area, is covered as part of your policy.* 

Contact their team at [email protected]  and let them know that you are insured with Jewelers Mutual Group to get started. Additional details regarding the increased travel limits include: 

  • Jewelers block policies provide coverage while at Malca-Amit facilities 
  • Transit costs via Malca-Amit will be fully covered and billed directly to Jewelers Mutual Group 
  • The only cost that applies to you is a $20-a-day storage fee 

*Offer does not apply if a different contractor is used. 


Why does Jewelers Mutual collaborate with Malca-Amit?

Jewelers Mutual has teamed up with Malca-Amit to offer hassle-free protection of your jewelry stock. 

Jewelry stock is vulnerable to burglary, even if it's in a safe at your place of business, during a natural disaster or civil crisis. 

We recommend storing all jewelry stock in a bank vault or secure third-party facility during a crisis. Malca-Amit is a best-in-class solution for providing the right level of secure storage for policyholders. 

Who is Malca-Amit and can they be trusted with my jewelry stock?

Malca-Amit provides the luxury goods industry, high-net worth individuals and international banks with a global team of experts. Their specialties include logistics, security, customs house and special operations professionals.

For more information visit

Is my jewelry stock covered during transportation with Malca-Amit?

Travel insurance coverage will apply to your policy stock limit or $1,000,000 (whichever is lower) at no cost to you when Malca-Amit transports your jewelry stock to one of their secure facilities for extended storage. Your jewelers block policy also covers your jewelry stock while at the Malca-Amit facility.  

We'll cover the transit costs via Malca-Amit, who will bill us directly on your behalf. 

How much will it cost me to use Malca-Amit to secure my jewelry stock?

Aside from the cost of your jewelers block policy, the only charge is a $20-per-day storage fee with Malca-Amit for however long your stock is at their facility. 

Can I use Malca-Amit to transport my stock to a bank vault and will Jewelers Mutual pay for this service?

If jewelry stock is transported directly to and from your place of business and a bank vault, we will cover the transit cost via Malca-Amit. 

If you prefer to store jewelry stock at a bank vault, we will also extend travel insurance coverage up to your policy stock limit or $1,000,000 (whichever is lower) at no additional cost when Malca-Amit transports your jewelry. 

How do I start the process with Malca-Amit?

Contact the Malca-Amit team at [email protected]  and provide your company’s name, phone number, contact name, and mention that you are insured with Jewelers Mutual Group.

Do I have to send my entire stock to storage with Malca-Amit?

No. Malca-Amit will transport and/or store any portion of your jewelry stock.

What kind of response time can I expect from Malca-Amit?

Malca-Amit is committed to a one-hour response time to their email ([email protected] ). Emailing Malca-Amit starts the process for transporting your stock to a secure facility. 

The process for storing and transporting your stock is dependent on your location, the availability of Malca-Amit at the time you request, and other logistical factors. 

Malca-Amit will commit to the quickest possible timeline once they are in contact with you. 

What are the intake procedures when Malca-Amit receives my jewelry stock?

Malca-Amit will have you complete a form for armored transit and secured storage. They'll also provide any shipping supplies you may need to transport your jewelry stock.

Each package will be sealed with a unique identification number and will stay sealed until you receive your shipment when your business re-opens. A Malca-Amit representative will be able to handle any questions you have to make sure you feel comfortable and have peace of mind when using their service. 

Where are Malca-Amit facilities located?

Malca-Amit provides service to over 700 locations within the United States. They have offices in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Louisville and New Jersey.

What type of security does Malca-Amit use during transit and at their facilities?

Depending on the location, Malca-Amit will either arrive in an armored truck or off-duty police officers with Malca-Amit identification. 

Their facilities are only accessible to authorized individuals and are equipped with CCTV monitoring, Kava Locks systems, panic buttons, and high-quality alarm systems. 

How do I get my stock back from Malca-Amit?

When you're ready to return to business, contact Malca-Amit with a 24-hour notice. They will provide overnight delivery back to your business.