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Relieve Counseling Benefit

Supporting you through difficult times. 

In times of crisis and trauma, it can be difficult to cope, impacting your emotional psychological well-being. 

Whether you've had to face conflict or violence from events such as civil unrest or protest, a theft or robbery, or even loss suffered from a fire or natural disaster, handling the psychological impact may be difficult to do on your own. Seeking counseling from a professional can help aid in your emotional recovery.

Jewelers Mutual stands by its customers and the jewelry industry in moments of vulnerability through the complimentary Relieve counseling service, facilitating the healing process. This professional counseling is offered by TELUS® Health, a leading counseling provider.

All counseling sessions are completely confidential.
Jewelers Mutual will not know which individual(s) utilize the service.

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24/7 telephone access to professional counselors

   • United States: 1-877-757-7587
   • Canada: 1-844-751-2133

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Face-to-face sessions with a qualified counseling professional in your local area

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Crisis support brought on-site for one-on-one and/or group counseling sessions

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Complimentary for Customers, Family & Staff

This counseling service is offered at no cost to current commercially insured customers of Jewelers Mutual. It's available to you as a customer, your immediate family members, and your employees – free of charge

Your symptoms may occur immediately, days, weeks, or months after the traumatic event. The Relieve counseling service is there for you, whenever you need it and as often as you need it.

Benefit Extension Through March 31, 2024

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Given the current events in the world and the resulting heartbreak being felt by many across the world, including with our jewelers, their families, staff and communities, we are expanding our complimentary Relieve counseling benefit to the jewelry industry. The extension provides 24/7 telephone counseling for jewelers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom — at no additional cost.
The service is available to all, regardless of whether you are a customer of Jewelers Mutual, and applies to you, your immediate family members, and your employees in need of support.

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Call the appropriate TELUS Health number based on your geographic region.*

   • United States: 1-877-757-7587
   • Canada: 1-844-751-2133
   • Australia: 1-800-512-188
   • Ireland: 1-800-817-227
   • United Kingdom: 0800-088-5339

*As part of the service extension to the entire jewelry industry through March 31, 2024

Bonus Support

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Jeweler Safety and Security Academy

Access free training, arming your team with vital skills for business safety. The academy covers 3.5 hours of crucial topics like Burglary and Theft, Travel, Disasters, Digital Security, and Cyber Deception Tactics.


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Comprehensive Risk Services 

Receive professional guidance in developing a comprehensive store security strategy, along with exclusive benefits for Jewelers Mutual policyholders like complimentary consultations and services such as reinforced window glass and professional board-up assistance. 


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A Jeweler's Guide to 24/7 Security

From opening and closing procedures to recognizing suspicious activity, this thorough and comprehensive guide will help you enhance your business security at every step.



If you have any questions about the Relieve benefit or other Risk Services offerings, please email [email protected] or contact your trusted agent.