Protect your business even when you're not there

Remotely monitor your business for extreme temperatures or water intrusion with sensor devices.

We offer a sensor monitoring service, supported by Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), to help protect your jewelry business.

This program, as part of our JM Risk Services, is available to you as a valued policyholder at no cost.

Sensor systems by HSB provide 24/7 monitoring of your business and detect issues caused by water intrusion or a power outage.

When the sensors detect an adverse condition, an alert is sent to you which provides early warning and an ability to take action to protect your property from damages or reduce the severity of the damage.


Cell phone alerts

What kind of alerts will I receive?

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Low temperatures

Triggered when the sensor detects a room temperature below 45°F and external weather conditions are below freezing.

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High temperatures

Triggered when the sensor detects a room temperature above 120°F.

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Water detected

Triggered when the sensor detects water.

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Installation not started

Triggered if the sensor has not been activated 5, 10 and 15 days after delivery.

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Installation not complete

Triggered when the sensors have been activated but the account activation is not complete on the portal.

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Triggered when the sensor has lost its cellular connection.

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Low battery

Triggered when the battery level in the sensor is nearly depleted.

text alert example for hsb sensors


What kind of equipment will I receive?

Depending on your location and size, there are several different types of sensors. These sensors will monitor conditions such as presence of water, or low or high room temperatures. 

There may also be a gateway that communicates with the sensors and the HSB Monitoring and Support Center. All equipment is designed for easy installation and is non-invasive. 

The sensors are approximately 2.25 inches square and less than 1 inch high.

Who do I contact with issues or questions during installation?

If you have any issues or questions while installing, please contact the Hartford Steam Boiler Monitoring and Support Center at 844-468-1866 for 24/7 assistance.

How can the sensor installations benefit my jewelry store?

Sensors act as a “virtual watchdog” when you’re not on site. You will receive an alert when there are signs of a pending problem so you may fix it before more damage occurs.  

For example, if a sensor detects water from a ruptured water line or leaky water tank, quick notification may allow you time to act and prevent damage or minimize its impact. 

What happens if there is an alert at my business?

When an alert is triggered at your business, a text or email notification is sent to the contacts you’ve designated in the portal. If conditions are determined to be severe, the HSB Monitoring and Support Center will also call those individuals directly. A severe condition is one where water is detected, or the temperature is dangerously low.

Who gets the alerts and phone calls?

Alerts are sent to everyone on the designated contact list.  

Phone calls, used for severe alerts, are made to the primary contact.  

If contact is not made, the HSB Monitoring and Support Center will continue to call down the designated contact list until contact is made. 

Messages will be left if no contact is made and the HSB Monitoring and Support Center will continue their attempts to make contact. 

Do I have to monitor my sensors?

The monitoring service is automatic. If the sensors detect a risk condition, a notification and/or alert will be sent immediately.

What if the power goes out?

The sensors are battery powered and run on a cellular network. If power to your business is interrupted, the sensors will continue to monitor your business.

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