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Zing Marketplace Overview

Zing by Jewelers Mutual Group is the marketplace for everyone in the jewelry industry. With fast and free access to best-in-class services, solutions, industry tools and information - the Zing marketplace saves you time and money. 

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JM™ Shipping Solution

Ship packages quickly and securely on the Zing marketplace with the JM Shipping Solution which makes the task of shipping gems and jewelry simple.

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Diamond Marketplace

Millions of diamonds are at your fingertips on the Zing marketplace. A world-class diamond marketplace, powered by IDEX, allows you free and transparent access to inventory worldwide.

Watch to learn more about you can use the diamond marketplace to save you time and money.

JM™ Care Plan

Easily access JM Care Plan on the Zing marketplace. Report sales, submit and track claims, and watch your revenue grow all in one simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

See how you can access JM Care Plan using the Zing marketplace. 

Jewelry Appraisal Solution

Create professional jewelry appraisals in minutes on the Zing marketplace. A simple and easy step-by-step approach guides you through a quick and streamlined appraisal process. 

Watch how you can leverage Gemworld and the Zing marketplace together for jewelry appraisals. 

Policyholder Claim Submissions

When your customers’ jewelry is lost, stolen, or damaged - it’s easy to help on the Zing marketplace! Quickly create, submit, and track claims in real-time.

Learn more about how you can help streamline your customers' claims process using the Zing marketplace. 

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The Zing marketplace is free to access and is open to everyone in the industry,
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