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Low-Cost Ways to Reward Your Jewelry Store Employees

on Dec 14, 2017 10:30 AM

Employee Motivation

Did you know that recognizing and rewarding your store employees for a job well done increases employee engagement? Engaged employees tend to be happier and happy employees perform better at work.

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year. Your employees are likely working extra hours and delivering outstanding customer service with an extra dose of holiday cheer.

If you have thought about rewarding your employees for all of their hard work but don’t have a large budget, that’s OK. You don’t need a ton of cash to make an impact. In fact, studies show that cash is only a short-term motivator for most people.

Here are a few low-cost, long-term ideas to reward your employees:

Random cake break

Food brings everyone together, especially when that food is cake. Stop by your local bakery, pick up a sheet cake and surprise your employees with an afternoon cake break.

Recognition in front of peers

At your next employee meeting, take a few minutes to recognize those who have gone above and beyond. Not only will you make that employee feel important and appreciated, you may very well inspire others to go above and beyond.

P.S.: This is free!

VIP Parking Spot

If you live in a state with freezing cold winters or steaming hot summers, you appreciate a well-placed parking spot.

Prime parking is reserved for your customers, but go ahead and designate a great spot in the employee lot for the employee of the month. They will enjoy the coveted spot and the recognition.

Traveling trophy

Traveling trophy

Whether you purchase an actual trophy or something silly (think garden gnome) to award a deserving employee, it’s sure to be a coveted trophy.

Keep a visible list of employees who have received the trophy in the past and let them know how they can earn it.

Handwritten note with a small gift or gift card

Take some time to write a short handwritten note to each of your employees.

Thank them for their hard work over the past year and call out any personal successes they may have had. Include a small gift or gift card along with the note as an extra special surprise.

Looking for more inspiration? Visit American Express for Small Business to view a list of 101 different ways to reward employees that don’t involve cash.  

Reward yourself and your employees

At Jewelers Mutual, we have several premium jeweler programs to support store owners in extending service after the sale. These programs are a great way to grow your business, enhance the overall customer experience and reward your employees.

It’s easy to earn points or cash that can easily be shared with your employees.

Join A Program


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