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Say “I Do” to a Wedding Show!

on Jan 27, 2011 3:55 PM

Wedding showIt may be the end of January, but the heat is on! Do you feel it?

Being newly engaged naturally ignites the excitement to get the show on the road, so to speak.

If the diamond ring on your finger isn’t enough of a reminder of all you have to do before saying “I do,” friends and family fuel the flame as well.

No doubt the questions have been flooding in:

“Have you set a date?”

“Did you book the church?”

“Where’s the reception?”

“Who’s your photographer?”

“Can I sing at your wedding?” (Eek! Watch out for this one!)




You may feel the pressure to have all the answers right away and have started feverishly making to-do lists.

Relax! You don’t have to go it alone.

Let the man who started it all, help you get to the finish. There’s no better time than now to practice teamwork.

Go team ... to a wedding show! It’s that time of year for wedding shows galore - your one-stop shop toward stress-free wedding planning.

Choose everything from invitations to flower arrangements, a cake, and honeymoon packages, all under one roof.

Why bring your guy?

There’s nothing more fun than going to these wedding events with girlfriends, oooing and ahhing over the dresses, accessories and everything sparkly.

But when it comes time to make a decision, the one person you really need present is your fiancé.

Wedding show organizers understand that these types of events aren’t exactly comparable to an afternoon of college basketball, so they’ve gotten clever with how to lure men in.

Many wedding shows now include a special “men’s zone” with video games, lounge chairs, sports on big screen TVs, and even beer.

So maybe your guy will be playing a game of Madden and kicking back with a cold one while you’re deciding on boutonnieres and bouquets, but at least he’ll be a stone’s throw away when you want his help.

Come to think of it, stones may come in handy.

Find a bridal show near you and mark your calendar!

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