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3 Jewelry Store Security Features to Review Before the Holidays

on Oct 18, 2017 7:35 AM

Alarm and surveillance security equipment

Would you feel comfortable running your business without a working alarm system? Regardless of what time of the year that question is asked, the answer should always be, "No!"

The holiday season makes it even more important to have optimal physical and electronic security in place to keep your business protected. It's no secret that jewelers hold more inventory during this time of the year, so criminals have even more reason to increase their activity.

To optimize your jewelry store security, the focus has often been on improving these six features:

  • Showcases
  • Safes and vaults
  • Access control systems
  • Security guards
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Alarms

But it's late in the year; what if there's no time to install an access control system or update to new showcases or a new safe? Don't fret — there's still plenty of peace of mind you can gain by reviewing your cameras, alarms, and guard presence.

Security Guards

Unlike a new safe, it's not difficult to employ a security guard presence if you don't have one currently.

The first place to start is with your local police department. Given a short turnaround time, the services of an armed, uniformed, and active officer may be more difficult to come by, but it's still worth inquiring because they present the greatest visible deterrent to would-be criminals.

Security Guard

If you can't obtain the duties of an active police officer, don't just settle for any security guard service, though.

Do you your homework and consider things like:

  • When do I need their services the most?
  • What is my budget for hiring a guard?
  • How does one guard service compare with others?
  • Do they meet a standard of professionalism and qualifications that's recognized by my state?
  • What experiences have other jewelers had with specific guard services?

Surveillance Systems

You should be reviewing surveillance footage on a regular basis, so the effectiveness of your cameras should already be known. If you're aware of any issues, contact your vendor or another expert in your area to resolve them as soon as possible.


Even if you think the cameras are working properly, ask yourself these questions and address any concerns as necessary:

  • Are all angles of my property under surveillance, including both the interior and exterior of my business?
  • Is the resolution of the cameras high enough for an investigator to use if a crime occurs?
  • Are recordings stored properly?
  • Are recordings quickly and easily accessible for an investigator to use if a crime occurs?

Even as business booms during the holiday season, don't forget to continue to review your footage and document any suspicious incidents that may have slipped passed your staff during the course of the day.


A properly functioning alarm system may be the most important jewelry store security feature you review before the holidays. Without an adequate alarm, a high-performance safe or vault could still be compromised given enough time.

Could you imagine returning to work one morning and have your inventory completely wiped out by a crew of burglars? Crimes like rooftop burglaries are relatively rare, but they are extremely devastating.

Alarm code 

That's why it's important to do a thorough review of the effective of your alarm, just like you should do with your surveillance cameras.

Unfortunately, alarms present complexities that security cameras don't, so it's even more critical to examine them with your alarm service provider. For instance:

  • Do you know if the alarm communication path is working as expected?
  • Is the level of support you expect to receive if your alarm stops working properly what will actually be provided?
  • Is the level of monitoring you expect to receive in the event of an alarm signal what will actually be provided?

Get more jewelry store security advice

Get an in-depth look at how to prepare for a safe and secure holiday season by viewing a webinar recording hosted by David Sexton, Jewelers Mutual's Vice President of Loss Prevention.

The recording is available on JM University® — an online educational resource and member benefit to JM policyholders.

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As you mentioned all the levels are on top then i don't think so there must be any problem to every homeowner regarding burglars and thefts.

Bill Ford

The monitoring device must be of high quality so that it can provide the clear vision. Also, it will be easy for to monitor through phone each single image of every customer entering into the jewelry shop.

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Reviewing footage on regular basis will help you to know all the happenings going on in your office or in your residence. So it's really very important to use those CCTV's in your home and office.

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Place all jewelry items in a safe, vault or protected room.Remove all jewellery from window displays. Check to ensure security equipment is on and working properly.

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Not in jewelry shops but using those devices in home and office is really very essential from security point of view.

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I was once called for such security installations when a new store has been opened near my office, security devices are very essential for all places.

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In those stores , keyless entry locks and CCTV are required to be installed to avoid burglar activity.

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Surveillance systems are very much essential from my point of view because it can help in monitoring everything and add great security to your jewelry store.

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Remove all jewelry from window displays .Place all jewelry items in a safe, vault or password/passcode-protected room.Check to ensure security equipment is on and working properly before leaving (e.g. monitored alarms, surveillance cameras, image sensors).

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