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How to Create an Appraisal on the Zing® Platform

on Oct 15, 2020 2:55 PM

Create professional jewelry appraisals in minutes on the Zing Platform. The Jewelry Appraisal Solution leverages Gemworld’s expertise to make the process fast and easy. This video will walk you through how to create an appraisal.

Getting Started

After you’ve created your Zing platform account and your Jewelry Appraisal Solution module has been activated, log in and navigate to the feature on your dashboard.

Click “Let’s Go” to view your appraisal dashboard.

Here you can:

  • start a new appraisal
  • search your appraisal history 
  • edit an appraisal
  • and print and email appraisals for your clients.

You can also upload your store logo if you want it to appear on your appraisals.

Let’s get started on creating an appraisal.

How to Create an Appraisal

Click “Create New Appraisal.”

You’ll start by entering customer details including name, email address and phone number. Next, enter the jewelry wearer’s name. The fields will automatically populate with the customer’s name. You can change the name if a different person will be wearing the jewelry item.

Now select the appraisal location. If you have multiple stores within your jewelry organization, you can select the location for which you’re doing the appraisal. Otherwise it will default to your Zing corporate name. This field is editable. The “Prepared By” field will automatically update the location and address. This information will be printed on the appraisal. You may edit this field if you’d like.

Click “Continue.”

Next, use the search bar to begin typing your customer’s street address. Click on the address once it appears to autofill the address fields. You can also manually type in the address. At this point, you can click “Save or Delete Draft” if you need to take either action. Click “Continue.” Now you’ll describe the jewelry and attach any photos and documentation. Enter your jewelry type.

Appraisal Demonstration

For this demonstration, we’ll select a ring.

Choose the ring style from the dropdown. Style choices will change based on the jewelry type. Notice if we were to select a chain, different styles show up in the dropdown menu.

Now we’ll select the gender, condition of the ring and the metal type. Next, enter the total weight of the piece and you have the option of grams or penny weight. Karat content and color options depend on the type of metal selected. Notice we picked gold, but if we pick platinum group, the options in the dropdown change. We’ll select the karat content and color. You can enter any additional information you want included on the appraisal here.

Now, click “Add Document” or “Add Picture” to upload either or both items. This is optional. We’ll add a picture. You can upload as many photos as you want but only the first three will appear on the appraisal document.

At this point, if we were doing an item such as a chain, and we had no diamonds or gemstones to add, we could select "Complete Valuation." But we’ll add some gemstones.

We are doing an appraisal for a three-stone ring, so we’ll add a diamond for the center stone by selecting “Add Diamonds.” We’ll choose the style of cut, color, clarity, quality of cut and carat weight. Next, the wholesale value of the diamond will appear.

Under some circumstances, it’s possible a wholesale value for the specs entered cannot be generated. Simply type in your wholesale value to proceed. Click “Save.”

Next, we’ll add a colored stone. Click “Add Colored Stone” and complete the same process. We’ll select the species and variety of the stone. Then select additional characteristics such as the style of cut, clarity, quality of cut, overall quality and carat weight. Since we have a three-stone ring, we’ll change the quantity to two emeralds, one on either side of the diamond. And we’ll adjust the total carat weight.

The wholesale value of the two stones appears. Click “Save” to add these two stones to the appraisal. On this page, we can remove or edit the gems.

Now we’ll click “Complete Valuation.”

A summary of the items we entered appears and the Retail Insurance Appraisal Value is automatically calculated. This is the number that will print on the appraisal. You can make additional edits to the wholesale values of the items, or reset them, if necessary. You can also adjust the Retail Insurance Appraisal Value based on your expertise and knowledge of the item.

Now enter the name and select the title of the person submitting the appraisal. Click “Save and Preview Appraisal.” You’ll see the final document which includes the item’s Estimated Retail Value, the item details, pictures you added, who the item was appraised for, who prepared the appraisal and on what date, and - if you uploaded your logo – it will appear at the top of the document. If you find any errors, you can edit the information.

If it’s all set, you can print the appraisal for your customer. You can also send your customer an electronic copy of their appraisal by clicking “Email Appraisal.”

Now, you can start another appraisal for the same customer by clicking “Start Another” and the customer’s information will autofill for you. You can also start an appraisal for a new customer from here. Or you can return to the dashboard by clicking “View Appraisal Dashboard.”

On the dashboard, you’ll see the appraisal we created. You can print it, email it, edit it or start a new one for the same customer.

You now have all the basic information you need to create an appraisal using the Jewelry Appraisal Solution on the Zing Platform.