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How to Layer Your Jewelry Store Security From Front to Back

on Nov 18, 2016 7:58 AM

Jewelry store security

Is your jewelry store security better than a colleague's on the other side of the country because you have a guard and they don't? Or is their business better off because they're in a smaller town and don't carry the high-end luxury watches that are frequently targeted by criminals?

Don't spend too much time debating. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to comparing the strengths and weaknesses of jewelry store security.

Businesses that do everything right on paper have fallen victim to crime, while others who are seemingly easy targets remain crime-free.

The best thing you can do is make sure you have an adequate mix of physical, electronic, and procedural security from entrance, to showroom, to backroom. 

Here's what we mean:

Protecting Your Entrance

Other than extremely brazen burglary attempts where criminals enter through rooftops or adjoining walls, almost every other theft, robbery, or burglary attempt features criminals entering in the same spot as your regular customers.

That's less likely to happen if you have these: 

Physical Security Electronic Security Procedural Security
A door buzzer or mantrap Both covert and overt surveillance systems An armed, active police officer or security guard
Door buzzer Surveillance camera Security guard


Protecting Your Showroom

This is where the action happens and you want that action to be related to sales and customer service, not an attempted theft or robbery.

These security strategies might not bring customers in, but they can help keep criminals out: 

Physical Security Electronic Security Procedural Security
Making sure your showcases are constructed properly and use the strongest available glass Reviewing surveillance recordings for patterns of suspicious casing behavior Using a suspicious incident log to document and share peculiar activity as it occurs
Smashed showcase Car taking pictures Logbookf


Protecting Your Backroom

Extremely brazen burglary attempts were mentioned earlier. 

Yes, they're rare ... but they still occur and the results are often devastating.

Have these security features in place to limit the possibility of them even further:

Physical Security Electronic Security Procedural Security
A UL-certified safe and know how to interpret their rating system A UL-certified alarm system that has line security A plan to put all of your merchandise in a safe or vault overnight
Jewelry safe Alarm system Jewelry on removeable pads


 Order Your Suspicious Incident Logbook