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The Difference Between Express Mail and Priority Mail Express

on Apr 9, 2014 10:17 AM

When the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced in 2013 that its Express Mail service would thereafter be named Priority Mail Express™, the name wasn’t the only thing that changed.


Another key change was USPS’s “default” policy on whether a signature would be required with Priority Mail Express deliveries.

How to Tell if a Shipment Requires a Signature

Whereas the old practice was by default to require a signature unless the customer sending the shipment checked a box to waive the signature, the new practice is to assume the shipping customer does not require a signature unless that customer checks a box specifically requesting it.

The relatively recent transition from Express Mail to Priority Mail Express further complicates the matter. Some USPS customers still have a supply of the old forms that assume by default that a signature is required, and some are using the new form that will not require a signature unless the shipping customer specifically requests one.

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company recommends that jewelry business operators always require a signature of receipt when they’re shipping valuables. Be sure to scrutinize the form you’re using to send Priority Mail Express (formerly Express Mail) shipments. Does checking the box waive the requirement to obtain a signature or does it instruct USPS to obtain a signature?

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