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Ways to Elevate the Love of Jewelry for Jewelry Self Purchasing

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In a recent survey, we uncovered some of the unique buying habits of self-purchasers and found that holidays and birthdays were some of the key motivators for consumers to buy jewelry for themselves. These results shed light on the importance of empowering individuals to treat themselves to beautiful and meaningful jewelry regardless of the occasion. 

Convincing consumers to purchase jewelry for themselves "just because" can be an artful and empowering process. Here are some recommendations on how to inspire your customers to celebrate themselves with jewelry, along with examples of occasions or milestones to mark with a special piece:


Promote Self-Love and Self-Celebration

Encourage customers to appreciate and reward themselves for personal achievements, both big and small.

Example: Celebrate a promotion at work, finishing a challenging project, or achieving a personal fitness goal with a piece of jewelry as a symbol of your accomplishment.


Remind Them of Self-Worth

Help customers understand they are worthy of celebrating themselves, irrespective of external validation.

Example: Buy a necklace or bracelet that reminds you of your strength and resilience during tough times.


Highlight the Empowerment Factor

Emphasize that jewelry represents empowerment, self-expression and the embodiment of their unique identity.

Example: Choose a statement ring or pendant that reflects your personal style and reminds you of your individuality.


Year-Round Celebrations

Promote the idea that "just because" occasions can happen anytime, not just during holidays.

Example: Buy a pair of elegant earrings as a gift to yourself on the first day of spring or to celebrate the changing of seasons.


Quality Over Quantity

Encourage customers to invest in high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time, reflecting lasting self-worth.

Example: Consider a classic watch or a pair of diamond studs that you can wear and cherish for years to come.


Encourage Personal Rituals

Suggest incorporating self-purchasing jewelry into personal rituals, like meditation or self-care routines.

Example: Use a meaningful necklace as part of your daily meditation practice to boost mindfulness and self-love.


Celebrate Milestones

Remind customers to celebrate life milestones, both large and small, with a lasting piece of jewelry.

Example: Mark the purchase of your first home, your child's graduation, or your own personal achievements with a commemorative piece.


Commemorate Personal Growth

Advocate for self-purchasing jewelry as a way to celebrate personal growth, self-discovery and evolving identities.

Example: Buy a charm bracelet and add a new charm for each significant life change or realization.


Spread Self-Confidence

Share stories of customers (with their permission) who found newfound self-confidence and strength through their jewelry choices.

Example: Show examples of how wearing a specific piece helped them overcome a challenging life transition.


Offer Personalization Options

Allow customers to personalize their jewelry, making it truly unique and meaningful.

Example: Customize a pendant with an engraving of a personal mantra or a significant date.


By integrating these recommendations and presenting jewelry as a means for self-celebration and self-expression, you can empower your consumers to treat themselves not just on a holiday or birthday, but year-round. In doing so, they can create a deeper connection with the jewelry they wear, making each piece a tangible reminder of their self-worth and personal journey. 

Based on our research, the majority of self-purchasers are interested in creating a legacy by passing on their jewelry to future generations, so it’s a good reminder for regular inspections to keep their jewelry in good condition as well as properly protected with expert jewelry insurance. 

If you would like more information on the findings from our self-purchaser research, check out the press release in our Newsroom.

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