Frequently Asked Questions

What doesn't a rider to my homeowners insurance cover?

Depending on your policy, a rider may leave out coverage for disappearance, one of the most common causes of jewelry loss. A jewelry rider also won't have:

  • Assurance that a claim won't affect coverage on your house and everything in it
  • The promise to work with your jeweler, the one whom you already know and who knows your jewelry
  • Jewelry experts to help you through the process
See How We Compare Jewelers Mutual Group Typical Homeowners Typical Rider
Loss checkmark X symbol checkmark
Theft checkmark checkmark checkmark
Damage checkmark Not always covered Not always covered
Disappearance checkmark X symbol checkmark
Flood or Earthquake checkmark Not always covered Not always covered
Worldwide Travel checkmark checkmark checkmark
Out-of-Pocket Cost $0 deductible option Homeowners deductible applies May have a deductible

How do I know if my jewelry is worth insuring?

If your piece was ever lost, broken, or stolen, would you be upset or unable to pay for a replacement? If the answer is yes, then it’s valuable enough to insure.

The first step is checking your rate to see the cost of peace of mind that comes with protecting your precious jewelry.

Is my jewelry covered when I travel worldwide?

Yes – you’re covered when you travel if it’s a covered type of loss (see “What’s Covered?”). But your primary home must be within the US or Canada (excluding Québec).