Frequently Asked Questions

What's not covered under jewelry insurance?

  1. Civil authority, like if your jewelry is confiscated during a search by law enforcement
  2. Deterioration or inherent vice, like a manufacturer's defect
  3. Intentional acts, like purposely damaging or losing your jewelry
  4. Nuclear hazard, like a fire resulting from a nuclear reaction
  5. Vermin, rodents, or insects, like an infestation affecting heirlooms in the attic
  6. Voluntary parting, like selling your covered jewelry and having the check bounce
  7. War and military action, basically any warlike action
  8. Wear and tear, like typical gradual deterioration*
  9. Resizing, cleaning and inspection
  10. Leaving your jewelry in an unattended vehicle**
  11. Traveling with jewelry in an unattended/checked bag (when traveling, jewelry should be with you at all times)**

*Preventative repairs may be covered. Examples include prong re-tipping; broken, worn, or bent prongs; broken earring posts; clasp replacement; restringing of broken or stretched pearl strands; and stone tightening. See your policy or call us at 888-884-2424 if you have questions about your coverage.

**May be covered depending on your policy. See your policy or call us at 888-884-2424 if you have questions about this type of coverage.

What are some examples of situations you cover?

Except in cases of fraud or policy exclusions (see “What’s Not Covered?”), these situations are typically covered:

  • Your ring slips off your finger while being worn.
  • Losing the ring while taking it off to wash your hands.
  • One earring falls out while being worn.
  • A home break-in where jewelry is stolen.
  • Jewelry is stolen from a hotel room.
  • You hit your hand on an object and break a prong.
  • You look down at your ring and realize that you are missing a diamond.
  • You take your necklace off at night and put it in your jewelry dish, but when you go to put it on a few days later you cannot find it anywhere.
  • You have a ring that you wear for special occasions but when you go to wear it for an event, you cannot find it.

Do you cover items while being shipped?

Yes, your items are covered while being shipped, such as shipping the ring to your jeweler for repairs. However, our policy is not intended to be a short-term policy purchased for shipping coverage only.