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Have jewelry, must travel.

Going somewhere?

We're here to help you keep your jewelry safe on your next trip.

Before You Leave

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Check for travel alerts.

Do research on if where you are headed is safe.

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Decide which jewelry to bring.

Limit what you bring and consider if bringing jewelry is necessary. When you’ve decided on which pieces you’ll bring, take an inventory so you have a record of what you’re traveling with.

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Alert your insurance company of your travels.

Update any appraisals 2+ years old and adjust insurance if needed.

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Safely store the jewelry you’re leaving behind.

Store items you are leaving behind in a safe, locked vault or with your favorite jeweler.

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Properly pack the jewelry you’re bringing.

Carefully pack your jewelry to avoid loss, damage and unwanted attention. Check out our jewelry packing tips.

How to Pack Necklaces

How to Pack Earrings

Keeping Jewelry Safe at the Airport

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Never pack your jewelry inside checked luggage.

If your luggage gets mishandled or lost, your jewelry won't suffer the same fate.

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Wear your jewelry.

Wear any jewelry that reasonably suits your traveling attire, taking care to not draw unwanted attention with layers of fine jewelry.

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Store valuables not on your person in your carry-on bag.

Ensure you choose an appropriately-sized carry-on bag to avoid plane-side check.

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Ask the TSA officer to screen you and your valuables in private.

Or hold onto your carry-on until just before you step through the body scanner, and collect it immediately on the other side. Don't forget that, for international flights, you must report to Customs the transport of goods valued at $10,000 USD or more.

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While You're On Vacation

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Store your jewelry in the hotel safe right away.

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Know when to wear or conceal your jewelry.

If you choose to bring jewelry while traveling, do not wear it during these activities as it could damage your jewelry. Don’t reveal your jewelry when in dangerous areas.

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Be conscious of your online behavior.

Social media is hard to resist, but refrain from posting photos of your jewelry and where you are staying.

When You Get Back

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Run through your inventory.

Use your personal jewelry inventory to confirm you still have all your pieces. 

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Report any missing pieces to the police and your insurance company.

Write down details while they are fresh in your mind as this will come in handy when filing a claim with your insurance company.

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Take everything to your jeweler for a quick inspection and cleaning.

Your jeweler can determine if your piece has been compromised and clean your pieces.

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Return your collection to its proper storage location.

Even though you’re back home, jewelry should still be stored properly. 

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Buying New Jewelry

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Do a quick online check for red flags like bad reviews.

If there are bad reviews, consider finding a well-known brand you can trust.

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Consider items with reputable gem certifications, serial numbers, etc.

Gem certifications provide documentation on the authenticity of the gemstone or diamond.

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Read the fine print in the return policy and on the receipt.

If an issue comes up with your purchase before you head home will you be able to bring the piece back? 

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Consider the next time you may (or may not) visit the jewelry store again.

If you want to be able to work with the store later, consider choosing a local store instead of one you may not be able to easily access.

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For international travel, be aware of potential import taxes.

Import taxes may drive the cost of the piece up higher. Note this when shopping internationally. 

If You Lose Jewelry

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Retrace your steps.

Tidy up your hotel room and any vehicle you’ve used. Check in and under unusual places.

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Report to hotel, cruise ship or airport security.

Ask the front desk if anything has been turned in.

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File a police report.

Give as many details as possible. You may also need the policy when filing a claim on your insurance.

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If insured, file a claim.

If you’re covered by Jewelers Mutual Group, submit your claim online or give us a call. Learn how to file a jewelry insurance claim.

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Worldwide Protection

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, jewelry is still lost, damaged or stolen.

Did you know that Jewelers Mutual includes worldwide travel coverage standard with every policy?

Learn how you can travel anywhere in the world worry-free.