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Insurance Coverage When I Lost My Ring

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Vallie, a customer since 2017, trusted Jewelers Mutual to help her when her wedding band went missing. During an emotional time, she was able to get the support she needed. She worked with the jeweler of her choice to find the perfect ring.

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Vallie: We first noticed the wedding band was gone when we were packing to leave for our wedding. Our best guess as to what happened to the ring is our toddler either threw the wedding band in the trash or hid it somewhere. I'm Vallie and we're in Cambridge, Nebraska.

I don't even know when we started dating because we met and it just happened. Robert was still in high school. Then we got a house when he got back from basic training. I just looked at Robert and said, "Put the money in the bank account and then we're going to go after work to pick up some rings." He just listened to me and five months later he proposed to me.

Robert: I took the ring and I put it in our son's shirt and Vallie took a couple pictures of him. She didn't notice it until she was zooming in on her pictures to edit them. She said, “Is that my ring?” and I was like,  “Yeah! It took you forever to notice!” 

Vallie: So that's where the problem came about of me losing my wedding band. Relatively late at night, the night before our wedding… oh my heart dropped into my stomach. I wondered, "Where could my ring be?"

Robert: She was crying and told me that she had lost the ring. I thought she was joking with me.

Vallie: I couldn't find it so I called Jewelers Mutual and I was bawling hysterically. The claims examiner said that we should go ahead and get the claims process started. If I did find my ring, then we could stop the claims process, but if I didn't, then it's already in the works. And the process will be quick and easy. They calmed me down. I knew that I would get a replacement and it would be okay. I would have it by the time we had our wedding reception. It didn't take me long to fill out the papers and write my statement.

Bill Longnecker, Jeweler: Gosh you know I remember her. She's a sweetheart. When she came back, we were planning on getting her exactly what she lost. She wanted something a little bit different and got something different.

Vallie: I got to show off my new ring for our wedding reception when everybody was there which was nice. I love my new ring and it means so much to me. I really appreciate that they let me get the one that I wanted.

I don't ever buy my own jewelry so it's always coming from somebody who I love. I can look down at my ring and be reminded of Robert and my grandma.

Robert: Sometimes she'll wake up and she can't find her ring so it's a good thing we still have it insured.

Vallie: Looking ahead at the future, when I get another valuable piece of jewelry, it will definitely be covered by Jewelers Mutual.

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