Jewelry Appraisals Made Easy

Appraise jewelry with the Jewelry Appraisal Solution on the Zing marketplace and leverage the expertise of Gemworld – the industry leader in gem pricing and market information.

This jewelry appraisal software is free to use and provides a seamless experience for both you and your customers who need jewelry insurance appraisals.

Your business earns $20 for each qualifying jewelry appraisal that accompanies a personal jewelry insurance application through the Jewelry Appraisal Solution.

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Benefits of the Jewelry Appraisal Solution

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Leverage Gemworld's Expertise

Our jewelry appraisal software allows you to access diamond and colored gemstone wholesale pricing modules along with an estimated retail replacement value. Combine details from customer purchases with Gemworld’s data and, if needed, adjust the final estimated retail value based on your expertise.

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Enhance your customers’ experience

Completed appraisals are automatically sent to your customer with access to an instant insurance quote provided directly from Jewelers Mutual® Group. In many cases, they can apply, pay, and may receive jewelry coverage before they leave the store.

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Increase Revenue

Appraising jewelry is completely free, and you get paid for each qualified appraisal that accompanies a completed application through the Jewelry Appraisal Solution. And there’s no limit to how much you can earn, so the more you use it, the more that comes back to you.

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Access Anywhere

Create professional appraisals in a matter of minutes with an intuitive interface that spans devices from desktops to phones. Cloud-based storage lets you access everything you need, wherever you are.

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Personalized Jewelry Appraisal Forms

Upload your company logo to display your brand on the final appraisal. This jewelry appraisal form is ideal for any customer looking to easily submit their item description for personal jewelry insurance.

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See the Jewelry Appraisal Solution in Action

An easy, step-by-step approach guides you through a quick process backed by the industry’s most trusted data. 

Watch this video to see how user-friendly the experience is or check out how other features on the Zing marketplace work. 

See more videos of the Zing marketplace.

Start Appraising Jewelry

The Jewelry Appraisal Solution is one of many features of the Zing marketplace –
the digital destination for products from Jewelers Mutual and other industry service providers.

You can register for the marketplace on your own, but a signed agreement is needed to activate the Jewelry Appraisal Solution and access data from Gemworld.

Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll reach out to get you started.


What is the Zing Marketplace?

It’s a hub for everything you need to maximize your business potential.

In addition to the Jewelry Appraisal Solution, you’ll have access to a Diamond Marketplace powered by IDEX and other products from Jewelers Mutual Group like JM™ Shipping Solution and JM™ Care Plan.