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Jewelry Insurance Claims


What's Needed

When your jewelry is damaged, lost or stolen, all you want is to get it back, just the way it was. To help us get you there as fast as possible, prepare the following before you start your claim. If any additional documentation is needed, your claims representative will let you know.

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Proof of Ownership

Any documentation, like a receipt, appraisal or dated photo of the jewelry, that proves it's yours.

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Written Statement

A short statement explaining what happened, including a list of damage if your jewelry wasn't lost or stolen entirely.

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Police Report

A police report, depending on the jewelry and how it was lost or stolen. We'll let you know if it's needed.


How It All Works

Our goal is to repair or replace your jewelry with same kind and quality as fast as possible. We partner directly with your jeweler to handle the repair or replacement and the transaction. Here's what the process typically looks like:

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Start Your Claim

Let us know what happened.
Start your claim online, or call us at 888-884-2424.

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Choose a Jeweler

Choose a jeweler to repair or replace your item.
Once you get the okay from us, head to your jeweler. If you're not sure who to use, we can help find a jeweler near you.

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Pay Your Deductible

If your policy has a deductible, pay that amount to your jeweler.
The jeweler will bill us for the rest. (If you have a $0 deductible, and the cost of replacement isn't more than you insured yours for, you pay nothing. All you have to do is pick up your jewelry, good as new!)

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Insure Your Replacement Jewelry

If your jewelry was replaced entirely, we'll help you add that to your policy.
If your jewelry was simply repaired back to its original state, there's nothing more for you to do!

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4.89 out of 5 stars

Claims Satisfaction Rate

Jewelers Mutual customers who have experienced a claim give the process 4.89 out of 5 stars. According to a survey conducted by Jewelers Mutual from January 9, 2017 through November 27, 2017.

What Is and Isn't Covered

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Like losing your ring at the beach

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Like having your watch swiped from your hotel room

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Like stepping on an earring and breaking the post

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Like when you just can't find your favorite necklace

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Worldwide Travel

Coverage follows you everywhere you travel, worldwide

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Like small scratches on the underside of a ring

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Voluntary Parting

Like selling your jewelry just to have the check bounce

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Intentional Actions

Like purposely damaging or losing your jewelry

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Like damage from vermin, rodents or insects

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War & Authority

Like having your jewelry seized by law enforcement


Can I receive cash?

No. We specifically created a repair or replacement jewelry insurance policy because it leads to the best outcome for you.

If your jeweler or retailer (a big-box store, for example) does not accept payment from insurance companies, only then would you receive a check. However, this is a reimbursement, not a cash out. You would purchase your same kind and quality replacement piece and submit the receipt for reimbursement.

Can I upgrade?

Yes, if your item needs to be entirely replaced rather than repaired. You can choose something different of equal value, or pay the difference if you want something more expensive. If you choose a more expensive replacement piece, the jeweler can simply invoice us for the cost to replace what you had (up to the amount you insured it for, of course), and you would pay the rest.

Can I choose any jeweler?

Yes. You choose the jeweler you trust and we will partner with them to repair or replace your jewelry. If your jewelry is exclusive to a certain jeweler or store, you may have to work with them just because they’re the only ones who carry it. You also can’t choose a brand name jeweler if your jewelry isn’t originally from that store. There are also rare circumstances where a jeweler may choose not to work directly with insurance companies.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is what you pay before your insurance company replaces your item and completes your claim. You choose your own deductible with Jewelers Mutual, with a $0 option. Each time you file a claim, regardless of the type, you pay your deductible in full, directly to your jeweler of choice. If multiple insured items are lost or stolen at once, you pay only one deductible, whichever is highest.

What proof is needed for a claim?

Documentation (like a receipt, appraisal or dated photo of the jewelry) that proves the jewelry is yours, a statement from everyone listed on the policy explaining what happened (including a list of damage if your jewelry wasn’t lost or stolen entirely), and a police report, in certain circumstances.

If anything additional is needed for your specific situation, your claims representative will let you know.

What if I find my jewelry after making a claim?

If you haven’t gotten your repair or replacement yet, just let us know and we’ll close your claim. If you already have your new jewelry, you can return either the original or the replacement to us.

How soon after damage or a loss should I submit a claim?

Generally, as soon as possible. However, in cases like mysterious disappearance, it’s certainly reasonable to wait a few days and search for the item first. If it turns up after you open a claim, we can always close it.

What if the jeweler can't find the same stone I had?

We’ll authorize the jeweler to replace your insured item with same kind and quality. But if the exact match is not available, we’ll do our best to find a comparable piece. Before your jeweler completes the work, we ensure you approve of all repairs or replacements.

Start a Claim

You can start a claim instantly by using our Quick Claim tool, or you can log in to your account and file that way. As always, you may also give us a call at 888-884-2424.