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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Jewelry?

It's a widespread misconception that insuring your jewelry through your homeowners or renters policy is the best option. Home insurance companies may be experts at insuring homes, but protecting your jewelry isn’t always their specialty. Opting for a standalone jewelry insurance policy is your best choice. Founded by jewelers 110 years ago, Jewelers Mutual understands the unique risks jewelry owners face, providing you with comprehensive coverage with flexible pricing to safeguard your treasured pieces.


Typical Homeowners

Typical Riders




Not always covered

Not always covered


Flood or Earthquake

Not always covered

Not always covered

Worldwide Travel

Not always covered

Normal Wear and Tear Repairs

Not always covered

Not always covered

Out-of-Pocket Cost

$0 deductible option

Homeowners deductible applies

May have deductible

What Are the Risks of Insuring Your Jewelry on Your Homeowners, Renters or an Insurance Rider Policy?

Home insurance may not provide sufficient coverage to properly protect your treasured jewelry.

Higher Out-of-Pocket Costs

Low coverage limits 
Typically, homeowners insurance provides relatively low coverage limits for jewelry, often ranging from $1,000 to $2,500. If your ring is valued at more than $2,500, you may need to pay out of pocket unless you have a rider policy in place. Even with a rider policy, you may still face a substantial deductible. Jewelers Mutual, however, covers the full replacement value of your ring. 

High homeowners deductible
You'll be required to meet your homeowners deductible, which will likely be higher than a dedicated jewelry policy, due to the value of your home. Jewelers Mutual offers a $0 deductible option, ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a claim. 

Claims may raise your rate
Filing a jewelry claim could increase your homeowners premium or cancel/non-renew your entire homeowners policy. 

May lack inflation protection
Sometimes the value of your jewelry may change due to market forces or inflation. Jewelers Mutual automatically updates your jewelry value to help lower the likelihood of underinsurance for items with appraisals over two years old at policy renewal. Insured individuals may opt out of this service if desired. 

Hypothetically speaking...

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Limited Protection

Homeowners is not designed to cover jewelry
A homeowners policy is primarily designed to safeguard your residence, but it may not extend coverage to your valuable items, such as jewelry, which require additional protection. You trust your home to homeowners insurance, trust your jewelry to a specialized jewelry insurance company. 

May not cover common risks
Homeowners insurance may not cover all risks to your jewelry, such as losing an item or damaging a diamond. Jewelers Mutual offers an all-perils policy, providing coverage for most risks unless explicitly excluded.

Withdrawing coverage from high-risk weather zones
Increasingly, homeowners insurance companies are tightening underwriting standards and withdrawing from regions prone to severe weather conditions, spanning from wildfires to floods, where losses are more prevalent. This is done to mitigate their own losses, potentially leaving residents in search of alternative coverage options.

Completing insurance claim paperwork

Complicated Claims

Jeweler network restrictions
You may be required to work directly with a designated jeweler or even a repair center in their network. With Jewelers Mutual, you're in control - choose any jeweler you prefer. 

Inconvenient and time-consuming estimates
Your homeowners policy may require you to get several estimates from different jewelers to settle a claim, adding to the stress and frustration you’re already experiencing. Jewelers Mutual streamlines this process, managing all the essential communication and coordination with your trusted jeweler on your behalf. Fun fact: Jewelers Mutual may likely insure your jeweler as well! 

Lower replacement quality
Homeowners insurance typically offers “like kind, and quality” replacements or cash payouts so you can do it yourself. Jewelers Mutual always provides “same kind and quality” replacements that more closely match your original item.

A Dedicated Jewelry Insurance Policy is Your Best Choice

With Jewelers Mutual, your jewelry is protected against potential risks such as loss, theft, damage, disappearance, natural disasters, and worldwide travel.
With over 110 years of experience, you have access to extensive expertise in the jewelry industry.



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