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3 Jewelry Safety Tips to Keep Criminals Away During the Holidays

on Dec 3, 2015 8:43 AM

There are those of us who love this time of year for all its joy, togetherness and sentiment. Then there are the criminals who treat the holiday season like open season with us — and our arms loaded with shopping bags — being the prime targets.

We want to make sure you and your jewelry gifts stay safe and secure. Here are three jewelry safety tips to help keep your holidays happy.

Safety in the Store

The first thing you can do is be mindful at the checkout. Try to shield yourself from nosy onlookers as you enter a PIN or electronic signature.

After checkout, instead of struggling with a bunch of small bags or packages, ask for some extra-large bags. It’s easier to lose smaller items simply by accident when you have so much to keep track of.

Also, ask your jewelry retailer if they have unmarked bags so you’re not a walking advertisement for all the fancy bling you just bought.

3 Jewelry Safety Tips to Keep Criminals Away During the Holidays

Be cautious when entering your PIN at the checkout.

Safety at Home

Is the jewelry you purchased a holiday gift? We recommend waiting to put it under the tree just before you’re ready to give it. Those beautifully wrapped packages are a magnet for thieves who break into homes looking for easy, brand-new merchandise.

According to, it takes an average burglar less than 60 seconds to break in and only 10 additional seconds to grab valuable belongings.

3 Jewelry Safety Tips to Keep Criminals Away During the Holidays

Wait until you're ready for your jewelry gift to be opened before placing it under the tree.

Safety When Traveling

Are you heading out of town for the holidays? It’s wise to have your jewelry appraised before you go and to make a list of pieces you’re taking with you.

If you’re traveling by airplane, we recommend the following:

  • Always pack jewelry in a carry-on bag, never in checked baggage
  • Leave expensive pieces at home, preferably in a safe deposit box, and wear less expensive travel jewelry
  • Keep expensive pieces you can’t part with in the hotel safe when not wearing them

3 Jewelry Safety Tips to Keep Criminals Away During the Holidays

Don't travel with jewelry in your checked luggage ... just in case this happens.

Just a few extra precautions this time of year can make a world of difference to help ensure your holidays include the sparkle you intended.

Which tip will have you thinking a bit smarter this season? Share your favorite in our comment box below.


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