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5 Breakout Jewelry Brands to Know Right Now

on Dec 14, 2016 9:15 AM

Lulu & The Bear's Chi-Lan Lieu

Searching for bling this holiday season? Make sure it's a fashion statement, not a faux pas!

Check out five of the most searched jewelry brands on Google for some trendsetting inspiration. (Starting with the designer in our feature photo - Lulu & The Bear's Chi-Lan Lieu!)

 1. Lulu & The Bear

Lulu & The Bear may have never existed if not for designer Chi-Lan Lieu's casual brush with jewelry design. 

Let us explain her brand story. It started out as sort of a "blind date."

Chi-Lan took a "hobby class" in jewelry making. Turned out she had a knack for filing and bending metals, so she decided to commit.

Natural elements and geometric patterns inspire her precious metal creations. Think blooming chrysanthemums, delicate juniper tree branches and mountain streams.

As a lover of anything handmade, she likes to get her hands dirty and personally makes each piece in her affordable collection.

We're wondering though ... what's behind the name of her line? Turns out it's named after her two rescue chihuahuas - Lulu and Stella (aka The Bear).

2. Article22


A photo posted by ARTICLE 22 (@article_22) on

Ever think old bombs could make a fashion statement?

First, a little history:

During the Vietnam War era, a secret war happened in Laos. American B-52s dropped millions of bombs over the country to stop the spread of communism.

Today, shrapnel and unexploded bombs still litter the third world country. Sounds pretty awful, doesn't it?

It was a shock for Elizabeth Suda. She had decided to go to Laos to figure out how to get local, sustainable crafts into the global market. She had no clue about the country's past.

Article22 was born when Suda met artisans in a village melting US bombs into spoons. She worked with them to create the first Peacebomb bracelet. The idea: Buy back the bombs!

The more Article22 you wear, the more land you help clear and make safe, and the more metal for artisans in Laos to make more designs.

3. Canned Goods


A photo posted by CANNED GOODS (@cannedgoodsco) on

While we're on the topic of upcycling, have you heard of Canned Goods? They make super simple, modern jewelry you'll love - out of old tin!

As if creating art out of waste isn't endearing enough, just wait until you hear their brand story. (We're not crying, you're crying.)

Designer Thomas Paul Althaus' 10-year anniversary was approaching. Knowing tin is the traditional 10-year gift, he started searching for the perfect present.

One night while making dinner, he emptied a tin can and had an a-ha moment. Instead of buying his wife an anniversary gift, he decided to make one.

He cut, hammered, bent and sanded his heart out until that old tin can transformed into earrings and a bracelet.

Needless to say, his wife cherishes his heartfelt gift. And they lived happily ever after.

Check out more of Thomas' designs in the Canned Goods shop.

4. Lana Jewelry


A photo posted by Lana Jewelry™ (@lanajewelry) on

Like Chi-Lan, fine gold jewelry designer Lana Bramlette is also known for her geometric designs - particularly circular ones.

Loyal fans even celebrate her as the "Queen of Hoops.”

How do you earn a title like that? By designing classic and simplistic hoop styles in every shape and size.

Dozens of her pieces have instantly become cult classics. More than 150,000 pairs of her gold wire Upside-Down Hoop earrings have sold since their debut in 2002.

If you're not into hoops, check out the rest of her collection. You'll find a variety of pieces - from necklaces to anklets - made from gold and precious stones.

5. Jennifer Miller Jewelry

Like most jewelry brands, Jennifer Miller Jewelry didn't become a sensation overnight.

Years ago, Jen's aunt offered a loan to help her get started.

She began humbly, by selling her first collection out of her apartment.

By traveling the country hosting trunk shows, she slowly built her empire and eventually opened her first permanent boutique.

Today, Jen collaborates with some of the most well-known designers worldwide to create versatile, statement styles.

Her collection of fine and faux jewelry is regularly featured in magazines and national TV shows (like TODAY and The View), and is worn by celebrities. We call that a success story!


We bet you can't wait to get your hands on some of this jewelry. If you buy a piece from any of these designers, please let us live vicariously through you by sharing a pic with us on Facebook or Instagram.


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