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5 Summer Jewelry Trends for 2015

on Jun 12, 2015 9:12 AM

Think fashion trends and your mind naturally gravitates toward the latest runway shows.

Rightly so, since high fashion designers definitely show us how to put together the latest looks.

But, for jewelry specifically, we like to go directly to the source – the jewelry designers themselves.

And what better place to discover summer jewelry trends than to comb through what was on display at the JCK, Luxury and Couture shows?


Photo credit: JCK

Here are five trends we saw across all three of the jewelry industry’s largest conventions:

Nods to Nature

From flowers to birds to sea creatures, elements of nature could be seen incorporated into all types of jewelry. What better to highlight in the summer months than some of the things we appreciate most about the season?

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Colored Stones

The colored engagement ring trend has been gaining momentum for a while now. Not only did we see rings with colored gemstones, but we also noted quite a few necklaces adorned with a rainbow of jewels.

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Chunky Rings

We got the impression if you were going to wear just one ring, it had better be something of substance. Many of the chunky statement rings we saw also incorporated another summer jewelry trend – natural stones. 

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Statement Watches

Got the time? Many of us tend to use our phones as watches these days, so wearing a watch for the functionality has gone by the wayside. However, wearing a watch for the fashion element is definitely alive and kicking. The bigger, the better!

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Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

If your rings or bracelets aren’t large statement pieces this summer, they better be stacked in multiples! Everywhere we looked there were stacks of rings, stacks of bracelets, even layers of necklaces. More is more seemed to be the overarching trend in jewelry, whether it’s size or quantity.

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How well do you think the JCK shows represented summer jewelry trends for 2015?

Tell us your favorite in the comments!

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