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6 Tips to Keeping Jewelry Safe at Home


how to keep jewelry safe at home

While you may not have the dangers of the outside world to worry about inside your home, your home presents its own risks when it comes to jewelry care.

Here are six simple ways you can help avoid loss or damage to your valuable jewelry.

How to Keep Jewelry Safe at Home

1. Designate a specific location to store your jewelry. 

Have a safe or memorable location available to place your jewelry. Store in a separate fabric pouch or section of your jewelry box. This is a great spot for all those times you should take your jewelry off.

2. Remove your ring before washing hands or doing dishes.

Keep in mind that soaps or sanitizers may be harmful to certain stones and metals. In addition, cool water can cause your fingers to shrink, creating room for your ring to slip off. Rings and drains = a risky combo.

3. Remove your jewelry while you sleep.

Sleeping with your jewelry on poses these risks:

  • Difficulty removing your ring due to swelling overnight
  • Hitting the stone just right on your bed or nightstand and cracking it
  • Scratching yourself or your partner
  • Snagging sheets or clothes and bending a prong

4. Be mindful of family, friends and pets.

If you do have guests over, take extra safety precautions while hosting, including your children’s friends, or if you have young children who like to play dress-up with jewelry. Pets have also been known to have appetites for sparkly items. Keep the pearls away from Fluffy!

5. Keep a jewelry inventory.

If you have a large collection, it may be nearly impossible to recount from memory every piece of jewelry you own. In case of fire, flood or other natural disaster that destroys your belongings, your insurance company will need proof of what you had in order to reimburse you or replace it with same kind and quality.

That’s why having a dedicated personal jewelry inventory at the ready is important.

6. Get jewelry insurance.

While you may be as careful as possible with your jewelry, the unexpected does happen. Specialty jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual Group covers loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. You protect your home and car with specialized carriers, why not protect your jewelry with insurance from experienced jewelry experts? 

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