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Engagement Ring Insurance: An Illustrated Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Warranty. Homeowners insurance rider. Specialized jewelry insurance. What in the world is the difference?

We could write paragraphs on the details between what's covered under each type of protection, but that gets a bit tedious, no?

What's that? You like details? The Essential Buyer's Guide to Jewelry Insurance  is for you. <>

Instead, how does a handy illustrated guide to engagement ring insurance sound?

Our friends at Wedding Inspirasi created this gem in partnership with us and they did a great job graphically displaying the differences between each type of jewelry protection. Plus, they threw in a few cleaning and care tips because they're just nice like that. Check it out:

Wedding Inspirasi Handy Guide to Protecting Jewelry Infographic


For the full blog post, head to Wedding Inspirasi's Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Insurance Guide.

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