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How to Buy Jewelry Online

on May 7, 2020 9:10 AM

how to buy jewelry online

We know you’re most likely at home during this time and may be wondering how you can support local jewelers. One way you can support is by purchasing jewelry online. If you’re looking to buy online, or at least to begin your research before stepping inside a jewelry store, knowing what to look for may seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of purchasing jewelry online, we would be remissed to not mention that there is nothing like seeing a diamond in person to appreciate its true glory before purchasing it. However, if you’re buying jewelry during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, staying home is a must. 

If you’re at home and want to purchase jewelry, where do you begin online? 

Your Local Jewelry Store

Start with your local jewelry expert. If you're staying home as much as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic, many stores have their inventory online and are finding creative ways to sell their jewelry digitally.

If you have questions, most jewelers can still be reached via email, phone and website chat, so check out their website or Facebook page to learn the best way to contact them. They are eager to help you.

Not familiar with the jewelry stores in your area? Type in the search term ‘jewelry stores near me’ into Google to see a list of jewelry stores near you, along with ratings and reviews of each.

How to Buy Jewelry Online

Online shopping might be new to some, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are quickly getting accustomed to this ‘new norm’ of retail therapy. So, if you’re relatively new to online shopping – specifically online shopping for jewelry – here are a few quick tips to help you get the best shopping experience from your couch.

  1. Find the right jeweler or e-tailer. Sounds easy, right? It really doesn’t have to be that difficult. Make sure you ask your friends and family for recommendations, check online for reviews (don’t forget social media) and check out the Better Business Bureau while you’re at it, too.
  2. Check the certification. Every reputable seller and jeweler will have the documentation to prove the quality of the diamond or jewel. For instance, these grading reports come from industry leaders such as American Gem Society (AGS) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA). If they can’t provide this documentation, you’re risking buying something that is fake.
  3. Ask for real photos. Some e-tailers provide 360-degree HD videos to show exactly what the diamond you're considering buying looks like. However, if you’re dealing with a local jeweler, don’t be afraid to ask them to email you over a few images of the piece. Or see if they can do a FaceTime or Zoom call with you to show you other options. They’ll try to accommodate you as much as they can.
  4. Read the fine print. Check out the contract and any additional costs that may occur. 

From buying an engagement ring to proposing to your love, we got you covered! Check out our guide.

Should I Be Purchasing Jewelry Now?

If you’re asking this question due to the uncertain times of Covid-19, the answer is personal. 

If life seems relatively normal (minus being quarantined at home, of course) and you still have a steady income, purchasing jewelry and supporting businesses (especially your local jeweler!) sounds like it would be fine for you. Just know that there may be delays when purchasing jewelry online as jewelers follow necessary safety precautions while fulfilling orders.

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